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Howdy! My name is Matt Raible and I am the developer and maintainer of this site. It mainly consists of my thoughts and opinions on the technologies I use and develop with. I've had quite a ride in the last few years, serving as the Lead UI Architect for LinkedIn, enhancing Evite.com with GWT and Grails and building a kick-ass team of developers as the Chief Architect of Web Development at Time Warner Cable. Recently, I enjoyed a great ski season in Utah while working at Overstock.com. Then I spent a couple years consulting as a UI Architect developing HTML5 apps at Taleo/Oracle. Recently, I helped John Muir Health develop their mobile app with Spring Boot, AngularJS and Ionic.

I've written a couple of stories on this site where you can learn more about me, check them out if you're interested:

Kids at Loews Portofino, Universal Studios Florida - December 2009 Matt's Biography: A Montana native who grew up in a log cabin without any electricity or running water. After hiking to school a mile and a half every day (and skiing in the winter), he would arrive home to a very loving family. "The Cabin" is a beautiful and awesome place that will always be near and dear to Matt's entire family. Even without electricity, his father, Joseph, connected them to the Internet using a 300 baud modem, a Commodore 64, and a small generator. CompuServe was the name, slow was the game. Matt became inspired by the Internet in the early 1990s, and has been developing websites and web applications ever since. He graduated from the University of Denver in 1997 with degrees in Russian, International Business and Finance.

Matt currently resides in Denver, Colorado and is the proud father of Abbie and Jack. He consults as a Web Architect for Raible Designs and is always striving to find the best solutions for developing web applications. His current technologies of choice can be found within his open source AppFuse project.

Matt maintains a Java/Personal weblog and used to post frequently on his Spring Framework-specific weblog for his Spring Primer book.

Raible Designs is a Web Architecture company that specializes in developing and enhancing web applications. The current technologies we like to use are: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Java. The implementation technologies we prefer are: Hibernate and Spring Data for persistence, Spring for the middle-tier and Spring MVC, Struts 2, Grails, Play or GWT for the web tier. Since these technologies have a large community of developers, an application developed by us will be easy to maintain and support. AppFuse is an open-source application we contribute to that showcases many of these technologies.

Please contact us to further discuss your development or consulting needs.

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