Q: How can I change the IP Address for iPlanet Application Server 6.0?

If the ip address has been changed, to make sure the whole environment works for iplanet product, you need to make the following modification to ensure Application Server, Directory Server, Web Server as well as Admin Servers work correctly.

1. for iAS ---use kregedit to change ip address for at least Application Server subtree. Check the diagram below.

Step 1: open kregedit, and highlight Application Server subtree.

Step 2: Click on Edit, choose Change ip Address.
Step 3: Type old ip address and new address accordingly, then click on OK.

2. for LDAP --- nsserveraddress needs to be changed from old ip to new ip

Step 1: go to iplanet/ias6/slapd-xxx/ directory, run db2ldif

Step 2: go to iplanet/ias6/slapd-xxx/ldif directory, find the ldif file with the latest timestamp when you just did the ldif2db. For example, 2001_03_06_140238.ldif.

Step 3: Open this ldif file, search for nsserveraddress entry, replace the old ip by new ip. -- To make sure no old ip exists in this ldif file, do a search. Since you used kregedit change it above, you should have none exists if you modified  nsserveraddress. In case there are more, replace them all by new ip address.

Step 4: Stop the Directory Server.

Step 5: go to iplanet/ias6/slapd-xxx/ directory, run ldif2db. For example, ldif2db -i ldif/2001_03_06_140238.ldif, where the ldif file is the one you just modified. Check the log and make sure the import in complete without problems.

Step 6: Start the Directory Server

3. for Netscape Admin Server (console) --- change local.conf file for nsserveraddress from old ip to new ip.

Step 1: Go to iplanet/ias6/admin-serv/config, open local.conf file

Step 2: Search for nsserveraddress, change it from old ip to new ip.

Step 3: Search for nsadminaccessaddresses, if it has old ip address, you'd better change it to ip address range. Just make sure the box you're going to use to access the console is covered here. Depending on where to access the console, make nsadminaccessaddresses a xxx.xxx.*.* or similar (such as a.b.*.*|c.d.*.*) work for most cases unless there is a security issue. The reason is you usually access the server not from itself, but from other machines within the network so nsadminaccessaddresses is the server ip address is always not enough. -- Also if ip address changes from to, that will cover it, but if ip address changes from to 172.14.x.x this nsadminaccessaddresses needs to be modified accordingly.

Step 4: Stop and restart admin from iplanet/ias6/stop-admin, iplanet/ias6/start-admin

4. for Web Server and its Admin -- Nothing needs to be done if it's iWS 4.x