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It's pretty easy to setup your AppFuse application to work with CruiseControl. You can either download the files from this page or if you're using 1.6.1+ - they're located in the extras/cruisecontrol directory. Thanks to Mike Clark and Jared Richardson for their help getting this work.

NOTE: The main lesson I learned when trying to get this to work is don't use Cygwin. In fact, I recommend you use a *nix machine if you have one available

To run CruiseControl on your AppFuse project, perform the following steps:

1. Download No InterWiki reference defined in properties for Wiki called '|http'!) and install CruiseControl. Extract it to your $TOOLS_HOME directory, wherever that may be.

2. After you've installed CruiseControl, create an "appfuse-cc" or similar directory next to your project directory. In my tests, I had:


3. Download the following files and put them in the "appfuse-cc" directory:

The latest version of these files can be found in CVS.

4. Modify cruise.sh to point to the installed directory. If you're on Windows, rename cruise.sh to cruise.bat and point to the cruisecontrol.bat file.

5. Modify config.xml for your Ant path and publishing directories. 6. Modify build.xml so it points to your CVS server and project.

7. Run "ant" in the current directory or checkout your project into the "checkout" directory (you'll need to create it). You can also run this on the "appfuse" project for testing purposes.

8. Create a "logs/appfuse" directory in the current directory.

9. Run "cruise.sh".

10. Tweak the publishers in config.xml to your heart's content.

I was puzzled why my HTML E-Mails didn't contain all the pretty formatting like Spring's does. Then I looked at their latest archived one and noticed it looks the same on Gmane as it does in GMail. I'd recommend sending your build notifications to an e-mail account that can be read with a good HTML e-mail reader.

If you want to use CruiseControl to build your Equinox project, that's in Equinox's CVS.

Can you test all of AppFuse?

When I try to run the attached build-appfuse.xml on my Mac and Linux machines, I get OutOfMemory errors. My PowerBook has ANT_OPTS set to "-Xmx768m" and my Fedora Core 3 box has it set to "-Xms1024M -Xmx1024M". It actually dies a lot sooner on Linux, and the PowerBook gets really close to finishing. The full build and test takes about 45 minutes. There are currently 21 AppFuse combinations tested by this script. Spring is used in all of these, so I've eliminated that as a listed option.
  1. Struts + Hibernate
  2. Struts + Hibernate and iBATIS
  3. Struts + iBATIS
  4. Struts with AppGen - Generic
  5. Struts with AppGen - Detailed
  6. Spring MVC + Hibernate
  7. Spring MVC + iBATIS
  8. Spring MVC with AppGen - Generic
  9. Spring MVC with AppGen - Detailed
  10. WebWork + Hibernate
  11. WebWork + iBATIS
  12. WebWork with AppGen - Generic
  13. WebWork with AppGen - Detailed
  14. JSF + Hibernate
  15. JSF + iBATIS
  16. JSF with AppGen - Generic
  17. JSF with AppGen - Detailed
  18. Tapestry + Hibernate
  19. Tapestry + iBATIS
  20. Tapestry with AppGen - Generic
  21. Tapestry with AppGen - Detailed

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This particular version was published on 06-Nov-2006 13:52:22 MST by MattRaible.