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Happy Anniversary Julie!

April 22, 2004 by Matt Raible

Today is Julie and I's 4-year anniversary. It's hard to believe that 4 years has gone by so fast. That's part of the reason I started this weblog - so I'd be able to document my life and know exactly what I was thinking on a certain date. Unfortunately, if I look back, I'll probably just see that (most of the time), a new Hibernate release came out. ;-)

I couldn't ask for a better wife or mother of my children. She really is the one for me and I couldn't be a luckier guy. Just for kicks, here's a picture on our wedding day. The funny thing is the picture is from exactly 4 years, 15 minutes ago. We got married at 5 p.m. EDT, and I suspect this picture was taken around 5:45. We'll be celebrating tonight with a babysitter and a nice dinner out.



Wow!! Here I would like to wish 18th Happy Anniversary in advance to Julie! And also wish you all the success. I feel very sad about that I am not able to see your wedding day picture., Hope it will be very nice. Happy life.

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Celebrates these events bring happiness to the whole family. My birthdays was on 5th April.It was pleasure moment for me. My friends gave me surprise gifts.

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Congrats, with respect to me I will praise my nineteenth wedding commemoration, April 29th, We will celebrate by remaining in a comfortable little house at the shoreline. A long marriage takes work, yet it is so justified, despite all the trouble. So good fortunes to you, I wish you a long marriage later on.

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Many people will tell you to avoid it so you don't upset her and that's probably the worse thing you can do. She'll probably be upset anyway and it's better she have someone she can share and open up to. Avoiding it gives her the message that it's wrong of her to remember and reflect.

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I desired to take this time to now not simplest wish my buddies, Julie and Brent a glad 1st Anniversary, however additionally spotlight their colorations and private touches that helped to make their wedding ceremony specific. Julie and Brent pick a color palette of coral, seafoam green and turquoise to carry their Seascape wedding to reality.

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Maybe they had been simply wishing you a happy anniversary. If this is your 6th you have to be over 24 so develop up. I wish I had in-legal guidelines and you bitching due to the fact they wished you a glad anniversary what is wrong with you.

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