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This page is designed to document what's on the roadmap for future versions of AppFuse. Feel free to add suggestions as you see fit. For a more detailed report of where we are on the roadmap, see the roadmap in JIRA.

AppFuse 2.0 - late 2006

Milestone 1

  • Maven 2 integration
  • Migrate from CVS to Subversion
  • Remove XDoclet, putting generated files into source tree
  • Get all flavors (WARs) deployed and running on Tomcat and Jetty Maven Plugin
  • Spring 2.0: Upgrade XML to XSDs, annotations where appropriate
  • Upgrade WebWork to Struts 2
  • Documentation - move to new Confluence or DocBook-based system for 2.0 documentation

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

  • Integrate XFire by default (for existing classes and generated classes)
  • Code Generation/AppGen - hopefully with the AppFuse Maven Plugin
  • Documentation

2.0 Nice to haves

  • TestNG replacing JUnit
  • Hibernate Validation Annotations (hard part is hooking it into the web frameworks)
  • Tomcat Plugin for Maven (that operates like Jetty's plugin) (Looks like there is a Maven 2 Tomcat Plugin that supports tomcat:run and tomcat:run-war (pending))
  • JPA Support
  • Support for JDK 1.4 using something like Retroweaver
  • Support for using Ant to build/test/deploy AppFuse-based projects
  • Someone to do all the documentation ;-)

AppFuse 2.1 - early 2007

  • Search using Compass, tutorials already existing for Spring MVC and JSF
  • Pageable lists that only fetch a specified number of records (i.e. 10 at a time)
  • Ajax Goodies (TBD)

AppFuse 2.2

  • Convention over configuration, no XML modifications needed when adding new files
  • Plugin API so all "features" can be added/removed via plugins
  • Add Wicket and Stripes as supported web frameworks


Various Ideas - don't know if we'll use them

  • Use JMeter, Grinder or Microsoft's Web Application Testing tool to configure load testing scripts for inclusion in the distribution. Motivated by this post.
  • Create tutorial on how to integrate Quartz (using Spring). See Luciano Fiandesio's AppFuse and Quartz: an integration tutorial.
  • Add Configuration object that talks to a database table for application configuration. Create a dynamic UI (JSP) to handle updating.

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This page last changed on 28-Nov-2006 15:52:04 MST by MattRaible.