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2006 News

October 23 AppFuse 1.9.4. Spring 2.0, Hibernate 3.2, Facelets + Ajax4JSF.

October 20 Equinox 1.7. Spring 2.0, Hibernate 3.2, Acegi Security, Ajax and Facelets/Ajax4JSF.

August 8 Article published on IBM developerWorks: Seven simple reasons to use AppFuse.

July 11 AppFuse 1.9.3. Bug fixes and dependency upgrades.

June 6 AppFuse 1.9.2. Framework integration, EMMA code-coverage support and AppGen sub-package support.

April 7 AppFuse 1.9.1. Tapestry 4, WebWork 2.2, XFire 1.0, Middlegen and AppGen support for iBATIS.

February 21 Equinox 1.6. Tapestry 4.0 and WebWork 2.2.1, as well as Maven 2 support.

2005 News

August 27 AppFuse 1.8.2 Released. Security patches, bug fixes updates to Acegi Security and Spring.

June 15 AppFuse 1.8.1 Released. Bug fixes and updates to many core libraries.

April 29 AppFuse 1.8 Released. Acegi Security integration + many improvements to build.xml and AppGen.

February 27 Equinox 1.3 Released. Primarily a bug fix release, but also adds support for Maven.

2004 News

December 29 Equinox 1.2 Released. Now has implementations for 5 persistence frameworks: Hibernate, iBATIS, JDO (JPOX), Spring JDBC and OJB.

December 8 AppFuse 1.7 Released. Now with support for JSF and Tapestry.

November 9 AppFuse 1.6.1 Released. Bug fixes and new AppGen Tool.

November 3 Equinox 1.1 Released. Now has implementations for 5 web frameworks: Struts, Spring, WebWork, Tapestry and JSF.

October 9 AppFuse 1.6 Released. Now uses SiteMesh instead of Tiles and includes the option to use WebWork.

July 15 AppFuse: Start Your J2EE Web Apps - an article about AppFuse on java.net.

July 9 AppFuse now has a new lightweight version called Equinox. Read more about its initial release.

April 5 Struts Resume 0.9 Released. Upgraded to use AppFuse 1.4, and also removed Struts from the services layer. Moreover, you can actually enter almost all of the pieces of a resume and render it in HTML and Word format. Demo.

March 1 AppFuse 1.4 Released. This release contains a lot of refactoring and enhancements. Spring is now used to configure Hibernate, control transactions and also to bind Interfaces to implementation classes.

2003 News

December 20 AppFuse 1.2 Released. A few bug fixes and reverted RememberMe feature to use a redirect (more secure now though).

December 14 Added HowTo for setting up Anthill with AppFuse.

December 12 Finished Tutorials for developing a master-detail screen using AppFuse - soup (database) to nuts (JSP).

December 11 This wiki now supports printing standalone pages as well as the Java2HtmlPlugin.

December 2 Altered the theme of this wiki to allow for hiding of the left menu and expanding of the edit textarea. When the menu is hidden, there is a "Show Menu" link at the bottom left of the page.

November 6 ~ I put together an explanation of How I setup my development environment.

September 18 ~ I moved the downloads page from http://raibledesigns.com/downloads to the wiki (Downloads).

September 14 ~ StrutsResume 0.8 is released. This is the first release containing a viewable resume. There's a lot more to do, but at least the XHTML and RTF architecture is in place.

June 12 ~ This wiki was born.

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