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Difference between version 46 and version 45:

At line 5 changed 3 lines.
<span>appfuse 1.3 &nbsp;
<a href="http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=49385&amp;package_id=78758&amp;release_id=210456" title="download now"><img src="images/download.gif" alt="download" /></a> &nbsp;
<a href="http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=210456" title="view release notes"><img src="images/notes.gif" alt="release notes" /></a></span><br />
<span>appfuse 1.4 &nbsp;
<a href="https://appfuse.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentList?folderID=770" title="download now"><img src="images/download.gif" alt="download" /></a> &nbsp;
<a href="https://appfuse.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentView?documentID=3182&amp;noNav=true" title="view release notes"><img src="images/notes.gif" alt="release notes" /></a></span><br />
At line 51 changed 1 line.
<p class="news"><a name="2004.01.16" id="2003.01.16"></a>AppFuse 1.3 Released! (January 16, 2004)</p>
<p class="news"><a name="2004.03.01" id="2004.04.01"></a>AppFuse 1.4 Released! (March 1, 2004)</p>
At line 53 added 57 lines.
This release involves many changes: [re-arranging packages/directories|http://raibledesigns.com/page/rd?anchor=appfuse_refactorings_part_i_changing], [Spring integration|http://raibledesigns.com/page/rd?anchor=appfuse_refactorings_part_ii_spring], [Remember Me refactorings|http://raibledesigns.com/page/rd?anchor=appfuse_refactorings_part_iii_remember] and I also [added iBATIS as a persistence option|http://raibledesigns.com/page/rd?anchor=appfuse_refactorings_part_iv_replacing]. I also spent a lot of time going through the [tutorials|Articles] to make sure they are up to date. I've been using AppFuse 1.4 for a few weeks on my current project, and I really do like they way [Spring|http://springframework.org] makes it easy to configure Hibernate, Transactions and Interface-&gt;Implementation relationships.
Here's a specific rundown of all the changes from the changelog.
* Added "cactus" task for running Cactus tests in Tomcat 4.x and Resin 3.0.5.
* Added Tomcat Ant tasks for managing tomcat with the Manager app and Ant.
** Currently supports: install, remove, start, stop, reload and list.
** I recommend using "ant setup-tomcat deploy" and then using "ant reload"
after running "ant deploy" when you change .java or config files.
* Removed "upload" module and integrated file-upload into the core. Removed
unnecessary scriplets from uploadForm.jsp.
* UI Enhancements:
** Changed CSS for error messages to have a red border around them * making
it easier to distinguish errors from messages.
** Added onclick and onfocus event handler to form inputs to select the
text when an input type="text" is clicked or focuses on.
* Changed directory structure from common/ejb/web to dao/service/web.
More information on this change at:
* Added Spring to configure Hibernate, DAOs and Managers. Configured
declarative transactions at the service and dao layers. Configured
OpenSessionInViewFilter for guaranteeing one transaction per request.
More information on this change at:
* Changed UserCounterListener to only record users that have logged in
successfully. Also added a screen to show currently logged in users.
* Changed default session timeout to 10 minutes instead of 60.
* Implemented persistent login cookie strategy (for Remember Me) as
recommended by Charles: [http://tinyurl.com/2wyqr]
More information on this change at:
* Added iBATIS as a persistence framework option. More information on this
feature can be found at:
* Added custom web.xml XDoclet template for ordering filters and listeners.
* Added support for generating indexed property setters in ActionForms when
generating Forms with XDoclet. This support includes adding Velocity JARs
to the the list of 3rd party JARs. Currently, Velocity is only used by
* Added "Account Information" e-mail as part of registration process. This
e-mail gets sent the e-mail address the user entered on signup.
* Dependent packages upgraded:
* Cactus 1.6 Nightly (20030119) to support the "cactus" task and Resin
* JSTL 1.0.5
* Patched Canoo's WebTest to work with Ant 1.6
* Hibernate 2.1.2
* MySQL JDBC Driver 3.0.11
<p class="links">
<a class="external" href="https://appfuse.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentList?folderID=770">Download</a> (~12.1 MB for src, ~4.3 MB for bin) or <a href="https://appfuse.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentView?documentID=3182&amp;noNav=true">View Release Notes</a>.
''For more information on AppFuse, check out the [AppFuse Wiki Page|AppFuse] or [FAQ|AppFuseSupport].''
<p class="news"><a name="2004.01.16" id="2004.01.16"></a>AppFuse 1.3 Released! (January 16, 2004)</p>

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