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Difference between current version and current version:

At line 1 added 26 lines.
so far im having some problems. im using jdk14, redhat9, postgresql7.3, tomcat 418.
# added the postgresjars to lib.properties. they also need to be referenced from properties.xml. there is a mysql.jar hardcoded reference there. this should be changed to pick up the right jar for the desired db somehow
# needed to do createusr pg. i dont know which component whants this db user.
# createdb appfuse. shouldnt the create-db task do this somehow?
# the hibernate.dialect property for postgres is wrong, should be net.sf.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect
# when running setup-db, after a while it complains about "missing tables" when inserting sample-data.xml. the missing tables are education, resume, skills, and some more i think. i tried commenting out these
# after a while, now i get "referential integrity violation". maybe this is because i removed the tables.
__1 Day Later__
I switched to struts-resume instead of appfuse. resume does not complain
about missing tables on insert, like appfuse.
I solved the referential integrity problem by moving the data for the
child table last in the sample data xml file.
probably postgres is more strict with referential integrity, or maybe
dbunit assumes it can set some 'ignore referential constraints' setting which it cant with postgres. anyway, moving the table is better.
now i can build resume, but i cant run the db tests. (the dbunit stuff
runs ok)
when i try to run the example i get servletexception in the login page,
which i guess is because of db connectivity.
''-- Joakim Verona''

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