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Difference between version 65 and version 31:

At line 1 changed 1 line.
__Take part in a Struts Resume__ [Architecture Discussion|StrutsResumeArchitecture].
__What is Struts Resume?__\\
Struts Resume is being developed for two purposes: (1) so I can edit and publish my resume online and (2) to demonstrate developing a real-world app with [AppFuse]. Feel free to checkout the [online demo|http://demo.raibledesigns.com/struts-resume]
At line 3 changed 1 line.
!!__2003.10.30__ - Thank you for struts-resume
<span style="color: green">__For common questions and howto's, see the [Struts Resume Support|StrutsResumeSupport] page.__</span>
At line 5 changed 1 line.
Hi Matt,
!!__2004.04.05__ - Struts Resume 0.9 Released!
At line 7 changed 1 line.
Kudos on your excellent work on appfuse and struts-resume. Since, I've been using appfuse and struts-resume to gather a basic understanding of struts and "helper" technologies, its time to give back a little.
This release is a major improvement over the last one. Not only did I upgrade all the code to use AppFuse 1.4 ([release notes|http://tinyurl.com/27z2k]), but I also removed Struts from the services layer. Moreover, you can actually enter almost all of the pieces of a resume and render it in HTML and Word format. The resume-entry piece (and sections you can enter) is largely based on what Monster.com uses. I may add other sections in the future (i.e. awards and publications).
At line 9 changed 1 line.
I ran into the same problem as yourself, as per [your email|http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg60169.html]. So, I followed the email thread and wasn't quite happy with the JavaScript solution. So, I conjured a non-JavaScript solution which is posted below. Be aware that my struts understanding is fairly rudimentary and this might be a classic example of too much blending of V into the C from the MVC model.
The main reason this is not a 1.0 release is because an administrator is the only one who can edit the HTML template - and the Word/RTF template is not editable online. Allowing a user to override the default template(s) will be the primary goal in 1.0.
At line 11 changed 8 lines.
This is part of action.BaseForm
public ActionErrors validate(ActionMapping mapping,
HttpServletRequest request) {
// Identify the request parameter containing the method name
String parameter = mapping.getParameter();
Here's a specific rundown of all the changes from the changelog:
At line 20 changed 21 lines.
if( parameter != null ) {
// Identify the method name to be dispatched to.
String name = request.getParameter(parameter);
MessageResources resources =
(MessageResources) request.getAttribute(Globals.MESSAGES_KEY);
// Identify the localized message for the cancel button
String message = resources.getMessage("button.cancel");
// if message resource matches the cancel button then no
// need to validate
if( name != null && name.equals(message) ) {
if( log.isDebugEnabled() ) {
log.debug(mapping.getAttribute() + " '" + name +
"' method, so no need to validate");
return null;
// perform regular validation
return super.validate(mapping, request);
* Upgraded to AppFuse 1.4 - Includes Spring and all kinds of other goodies.
** [AppFuse 1.4 Release Notes|http://tinyurl.com/27z2k]
* Added Resume Creation/Editing Wizard.
* Added ability to edit HTML Template online (Admins only).
* UI Updates:
** Background borrowed from [alistapart.com|http://www.alistapart.com]. (Thanks!)
** Changed from ListMenu to TabbedMenu.
** Changed to fixed-width layout (700px).
** Added CSS drop shadows to headers.
*** Idea from [http://phoenity.com/newtedge/drop_shadow/]
*** Hack to fix Safari in web/layouts/baseLayout.jsp
* The Tomcat User's resume can be on the demo server at [http://demo.raibledesigns.com/struts-resume/tomcat.html].
At line 42 changed 1 line.
What do you think of this approach?
* [Online Demo|http://demo.raibledesigns.com/struts-resume]
* [Download|http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=49385&amp;package_id=75509&amp;release_id=228759] (~10.5 MB for src, ~5.4 MB for bin)
* [API Documentation and Source|http://static.raibledesigns.com/downloads/struts-resume/api/]
* [Mailing List|https://appfuse.dev.java.net/servlets/SummarizeList?listName=users]
At line 44 removed 28 lines.
Haroon Rafique [email protected] (reverse the domain to send email)
!!__2003.10.10__ - Problem compiling in 0.8
I'm trying to compile struts-resume, which I just downloaded to have a sample app dealing with Velocity, but i'm obviously missing org.appfuse.webapp.form.UserForm and UserRoleForm. I manage to find UserForm in security-example1.1.zip but not UserRoleForm.
Is it a mistake or not in your app dist?\\
*''You have to use Ant to compile struts-resume. The *Form classes are generated by [XDoclet|http://www.xdoclet.com]. [MattRaible]''
!!__2003.09.15__ - Small bug discovered in 0.8
The global.js javascript file is missing the following method. I've updated the files in 0.8 to fix this bug. Without this method, when a user changes their password, it's not encrypted, and they can't login again.
function createFormElement(element, type, name, id, value, parent) {
var e = document.createElement(element);
e.setAttribute("name", name);
e.setAttribute("type", type);
e.setAttribute("id", id);
e.setAttribute("value", value);

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