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Use this page to upload images for the AppFuse Logo Contest. Entries should be viewable through a browser. After uploading, please edit this page and show your image and provide a link to your site - or someway for me to get in touch with you. I've added a sample to make things easier.

The contest is now closed. I'll be sending out an e-mail shortly to get feedback from folks and I'll announce a winner here and on my blog Friday afternoon. Check back Saturday morning if you don't see anything tomorrow afternoon. Thanks to all who entered - I never expected it would be so hard to choose! ~Matt

Igor is the WINNER! Congrats Igor!! The winning entry is listed on my site.

icon.gif Default icon from java.net. Submitted by Matt Raible.

appFuse.gif I love logo contests. :-)


By: Igor Polyakov
The smallest icon needs some pixel by pixel improvement though, but I finish it if logo concept will be approved.

Second variation by Igor Polyakov.

AppFuse03a.jpg AppFuse03b.jpg AppFuse03c.jpg

Dangit, Matt, I'm a programmer, not an artist! -- gerryg

AppFuseBig.jpg AppFuseMed.jpg AppFuseSm.jpg

One more entry for the fun of it, with nice patriotic colors, to boot. I've been needing to learn PSP 8.0 anyway... gerryg



I hope you like it. The font could be changed a little bit for a more compact version of the logo. A button may follow later ... Update: The first version of the logo in different sizes is still available as 'appfuse_logo_eckl.gif', I didn't want to waste so much space. -- Mario & Manuel Eckl


a quick first try, but enough so you get the idea. Ryan Thompson : ryan@chemset.net


second round, more simple. Ryan Thompson : ryan@chemset.net


ok, last one, this time with more flavor. this has renewed my interest in the font "bauhaus" Ryan Thompson : ryan@chemset.net


maybe the softer, gentler approach? A parody, of course, so as not to get anyone in trouble...


A little fusing... Dave Norris: dnorris3000@hotmail.com


My manager authorized me to take a few hours of work time to develop this image for AppFuse today. For all the general Struts knowledge that we at Ambient Ideas have gained from RaibleDesigns.com, we figure we'd like to give something back to the cause.

Designing graphics for web applications is my day job, so if you'd like to start from this image and make a few tweaks Matt, let me know.

Jordan McCullough
Ambient Ideas, LLC

appfuse.png Sweet, I'm gonna win.


Hello Matt!
"a jumpstart kit for java webapps": a simple and clean idea from my favourite designer, my girl :-)
Emiliano: emil73@supereva.it

I hope you like it.
By: Christian Schär (kriegel@webdevil.ch)

AppFuse Logo concepts by Jesse Ross

appfuse_1.gif appfuse_2.jpg
appfuse_4.gif appfuse_3.jpg


logo app fuse01.gif
logo app fuse02.gif
Well, i'm no professional, and i may be too late, but i thought i'd have a go.
Shaun Lynch: shantheman21@hotmail.com OR see me at: http://shantheman.digitalart.org

Sergio Umlauf (sergio_umlauf AT yahoo.com)


appfuse_icon.ico Info on appfuse_icon.ico 18718 bytes
appfuse.jpg Info on appfuse.jpg 81478 bytes
appfuse2.png Info on appfuse2.png 31055 bytes
dave-appfuse.gif Info on dave-appfuse.gif 6059 bytes
appfuse_webdevil.jpg Info on appfuse_webdevil.jpg 26183 bytes
Ambient_Ideas_design_of_AppFuse_Logo_1.jpg Info on Ambient_Ideas_design_of_AppFuse_Logo_1.jpg 74966 bytes
appfuse.png Info on appfuse.png 3505 bytes
appfuse_webdevil2.jpg Info on appfuse_webdevil2.jpg 23717 bytes
logo app fuse02.gif Info on logo app fuse02.gif 14905 bytes
appFuse.gif Info on appFuse.gif 3552 bytes
appfuse_2.jpg Info on appfuse_2.jpg 10725 bytes
logo app fuse01.gif Info on logo app fuse01.gif 42791 bytes
appfuselogo.png Info on appfuselogo.png 11946 bytes
appfuse_icon.zip Info on appfuse_icon.zip 7356 bytes
appfuse_logo2_and_button_eckl.jpg Info on appfuse_logo2_and_button_eckl.jpg 31778 bytes
icon.gif Info on icon.gif 2985 bytes
AppFuseMed.pspimage Info on AppFuseMed.pspimage 1091760 bytes
appfuseTiz.png Info on appfuseTiz.png 10835 bytes
appfuse01.gif Info on appfuse01.gif 17407 bytes
AppFuse03a.jpg Info on AppFuse03a.jpg 18912 bytes
appfuse_4.gif Info on appfuse_4.gif 5446 bytes
appfuse_r2.gif Info on appfuse_r2.gif 18053 bytes
AppFuse03c.jpg Info on AppFuse03c.jpg 4347 bytes
appfuse_1.gif Info on appfuse_1.gif 1867 bytes
appfuse02.gif Info on appfuse02.gif 6311 bytes
appfuse_butterfly.jpg Info on appfuse_butterfly.jpg 13850 bytes
AppFuseBig.jpg Info on AppFuseBig.jpg 26857 bytes
apfuse.png Info on apfuse.png 7949 bytes
appfu1.gif Info on appfu1.gif 10837 bytes
AppFuseMed.jpg Info on AppFuseMed.jpg 11898 bytes
AppFuseBig.pspimage Info on AppFuseBig.pspimage 163568 bytes
appfu2.gif Info on appfu2.gif 13366 bytes
appfu3.jpg Info on appfu3.jpg 24922 bytes
AppFuse03b.jpg Info on AppFuse03b.jpg 9088 bytes
appfuse_logo_eckl.gif Info on appfuse_logo_eckl.gif 25878 bytes
appfuse_3.jpg Info on appfuse_3.jpg 5711 bytes
appfuse_webdevil3.jpg Info on appfuse_webdevil3.jpg 23235 bytes
AppFuseSm.jpg Info on AppFuseSm.jpg 5345 bytes
appfuse_logo1_eckl.jpg Info on appfuse_logo1_eckl.jpg 34579 bytes

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