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AppFuse with WSAD

This is a work in progress.. I will detail each of these out as best as I can..

  1. Load AppFuse - get from cvs
  2. Create new instance via ant new
  3. Create WSAD Enterprise project
  4. Create WSAD Web project
  5. Create new WAS5.1 Test Server
  6. Setup datasource in WSAD
  7. Setup WAS5.1 test server
  8. Set affinity of EAR project for WAS5.1
    1. need to enable this possibility first via Window--> Preferences--> J2EE)
    2. Copy src, test
      1. Refresh web project
      2. Open the web project properties-->
      3. Java Build Path--> Source tab
      4. Add src/* and test/* folders
      5. Add src/gen by creating it
  9. Rename WebContent folder in web project to: web
  10. Copy web folders to the web project (yes overwrite)
  11. Copy lib, metadata, extras, build.xml, app-settings.xml, build.properties, compile-jsp.xml, properties.xml to EAR project
  12. Refresh enterprise project
  13. Setup web project classpath via web--> META-INF--> MANIFEST.MF
    1. Open manifest
    2. Click select all (you can remove the extras/ibatis if you use hibernate)
    3. Close (and save) manifest
  14. Mod build script to use property driven source dirs
    1. java.src.dir = ../web project dir/src
    2. test.src.dir = ../web project dir/test
    3. web.src.dir = ../web project dir/web
    4. Add a copy back to src dir target for stuff that gets built to the ${build.dir}/xxx/gen folders.
    5. Replace test/ with ${test.src.dir} and src/ with ${java.src.dir}
    6. Replace ${basedir}/web/ and web/ with ${web.src.dir}
    7. Make sure you do this inside properties.xml! otherwise your service and web tests will fail!
  15. Run the build script until it works.. changing source directories as you go.
    1. Run Ant setup-db
    2. Run Ant package-web
  16. Compile WSAD web project
  17. Bind the web.xml resource reference for jdbc/ to the JNDI name you defined for your datasource

MySQL Datasource in WSAD/WAS

Borrowed from:


JDBC Provider
# Name: MySQL
# Description: MySQL JDBC 2.0-compliant Provider configuration
# Classpath: ${User-defined_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH}/mysql-connector-java-3.1.7-bin.jar 
#(or the appropriate name for the version of MySQL Connector/J that you are using)
# Native Library Path: <leave blank>
# Implementation Classname: com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource

Data source (defined in the JDBC provider selected above)
# Name: <data source name>
# JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) Name: jdbc/<data source name>
# Description: <data source description>
# Statement Cache Size: 10 (the default)
# Category: <leave blank>
# Datasource Helper Classname: com.ibm.websphere.rsadapter.ConnectJDBCDataStoreHelper
# Component-managed Authentication Alias: <leave blank>
# Container-managed Authentication Alias: <leave blank>

Resource Properties (defined in the data source selected above)
databaseName 	java.lang.String 	<database-name>?autoReconnect=true&useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf-8
factory 	java.lang.String 	com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlDataSourceFactory
password 	java.lang.String 	<password>
port 		java.lang.String 	3306 (or your MySQL port, if you have changed it)
serverName 	java.lang.String 	<server-name>
user 		java.lang.String 	<user-name>

AppFuse v1.9 Pre-built WSAD 5.1 Workspace Running on IBM WebSphere 5.1

Released March 13 2006 by Joel Cohen joelbcohen@hotmail.com

To make getting started with appfuse in WSAD easier, Joel Cohen has provided a pre-built WSAD workspace, tested, and ready to run/develop/debug Appfuse on WebSphere 5.1 server.

The view layer is Struts. The DAO layer is Hibernate (w/ MySQL database). The workspace contains the minimal amount of libraries to make the application run. You can download the complete WSAD workspace and be up and running within a couple of minutes!

Download the workspace below:

appfuse1.9_WSAD_5.1.zip Info on appfuse1.9_WSAD_5.1.zip 44628560 bytes

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This page last changed on 06-Nov-2006 13:53:00 MST by JoelCohen.