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This is Matt Raible's Wiki, where I hope to provide an area for collaboration on my AppFuse and StrutsResume projects. Feel free to add anything you feel is appropriate. I will also likely use this site for various other tips and tricks I've discovered.

Jakarta's Tomcat

Upgrading Tomcat 4.1.x to Tomcat 5.0.x ~ Learn More
Using Tomcat's Ant Tasks ~ Discuss

Tiles Library Tips and Discussions

Using tile definitions as forwards in struts ~ Follow Discussion

Configuring page-by-page settings for included scripts and css in Tiles ~ How To

Struts Tips and Discussions

Securing DispatchAction for CRUD operations ~ Learn How

ActionForms, XDoclet's bastard son ~ To generate or not to generate...

Generate StrutsForms using XDoclet and a minimal j2ee.jar ~ Learn How

Performance Comparisons

Check out my performance comparisons for the different machines I use.

Quick start

  • For testing things, try the SandBox.

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