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The SandBox is place where you can play around. You can practice adding, editing and deleting web page content. You can practice marking up your pages using the Wiki text formatting commands.

To create a new page in the Wiki, you edit an existing page and place a link to your new page. You then save your page, and when you view the page with your saved link in, there will be a question mark displayed next to your new link. You then click on the question mark and you will be taken to your new page where you can add in your new page content.

To create a link, edit an existing page, then place the name of your new page (without spaces) within square brackets and save the page you have just edited. Here is an example of how to create a basic link within Wiki:


Another way of specifying links is to give the link a description, then the Wiki page name.

    [Text to describe link|MyWikiPage]

You are probably used to creating a page then linking to it, so this may seem a backward way of working, but once you have created your first link, you will see how nicely it works.

You need a password to use the AppFuse SandBox from AppFuse founder Matt Raible. However, there is an unrestricted access SandBox JSP Wiki Sandbox to play with (if you follow the link, click on Edit page).

Here are the markup elements you have at your disposal to make your page content look good:

----             Horizontal ruler
\\               Forced line break
[link]           Create hyperlink to "link", where "link" can be either an internal 
                 WikiName or an external link (http://)
[text|link]      Create a hyperlink where the link text is different from the actual 
                 hyperlink link.
[text|wiki:link] Create a hyperlink where the link text is different from the 
                 actual hyperlink link, and the hyperlink points to a named Wiki. 
                 This supports interWiki linking.

*                Make a bulleted list (must be in first column). Use more (**) 
                 for deeper indentations.
#                Make a numbered list (must be in first column). Use more (##, ###) 
                 for deeper indentations.

!, !!, !!!       Start a line with an exclamation mark (!) to make a heading. 
                 More exclamation marks mean bigger headings.

__text__         Makes text bold.
''text''         Makes text in italics (notice that these are single quotes ('))
{{text}}         Makes text in monospaced font.
;term:def        Defines 'term' with 'def'.  Use this with empty 'term' to make short comments.

|text|more text| Makes a table. Double bars for a table heading.

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