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AppFuse 1.1 Released! (December 12, 2003)

This biggest feature in this release is Documentation. I finally found the time to write up some Tutorials on developing with AppFuse. They're on this wiki and also in the "docs" folder of the binary and source downloads. In writing this documentation, I went through almost all aspects of the code with a fine-tooth comb made sure it's doing what I want it to do.

I was finally able to get things working with J2EE 1.4, which basically involved removing j2ee.jar from my MailUtil's classpath and just including activation.jar and mail.jar. If you're not there yet, simply change the paths for activation.jar and mail.jar in properties.xml (look for common.compile.classpath). You can use j2ee.jar instead of mail.jar and activation.jar for 1.3 and 1.4 B2.

I was also able to get all unit tests to pass on Tomcat 5, and the "setup-tomcat" target now supports Tomcat 5. I wasn't able to get "Remember Me" to work - see the tomcat-user mailing list for more details.

Hibernate 2.1 and Display Tag 1.0 B2 are now part of AppFuse as well. For a complete changelon, view the README.txt in CVS.

Check out the AppFuse Wiki Page or FAQ for more information.

AppFuse 1.0 Released! (November 30, 2003)

I feel this release deserves the big 1.0 designation because it is an up-to-date representation of my learnings and my perceived best practices in building web applications. Of course, as I learn more, I will continue to push out new releases.

In this release, I did a lot of refactoring and enhancements to existing features. The DAO and Manager interfaces are no longer tied to Struts or Hibernate. Hibernate's Session object is now passed as an argument into Manager and DAO constructors, rather than method signatures.

The Remember Me feature has been refactored so the username and password cookies are only available under the /appfuse/security url-pattern. I also changed the posting to "j_security_check" in LoginServlet from response.sendRedirect to an HTTP POST, using Jakarta Common's HttpClient. The reason I have a LoginServlet vs. just using action="j_security_check" in my <form> is to encrypt passwords.

I've developed 3 different applications using AppFuse (struts-resume is one of them), and I have found that it's a pain to upgrade to new versions of AppFuse. Because of this, I don't recommend upgrading unless you really need to. I will be upgrading struts-resume to AppFuse 1.0, but I doubt I'll upgrade it to any future AppFuse releases - it's just too much work for not much reward.

You can also check out the AppFuse Wiki Page or FAQ for more information.

Struts Resume 0.8 Released! (September 14, 2003)

The highlights of this release include rendering a resume with Velocity (demo), a password hint feature, self-registration feature, and a gzip compression filter. See the release notes below for a full list of changes. If you're looking to create a new application based on this architecture, you're best off using AppFuse.

You can also check out the Struts Resume Wiki Page for more information.

AppFuse 0.9 Released. (August 10, 2003)

This release contains all kinds of goodies - including a new password hint feature, a compression filter, and a JSP 2.0-syntax option (when deploying). It also fixes a bug in persisting roles and includes many upgrades of dependent packages (Hibernate, PMD, Checkstyle, DBUnit and WebTest).

You can also check out the AppFuse Wiki Page for more information.

News 2003.06.27 - Security Example 1.1 Released!

This release is a simplification of 1.1 - removing the XDoclet dependency. Also, I synched up the build.xml with AppFuse's where appropriate (i.e. for the unit tests).

News 2003.06.12 - AppFuse 0.8 Released!

The main reason for this release is to demonstrate self-registration (and auto-login) in a CMA (Container Managed Authentication) environment. I also upgraded most of the dependent packages (i.e. Struts, Hibernate) to their latest releases, and added a binary release as an optional download.

You can also browse the API Documentation. You should be able to view Source Code here too! If there's not a "View Source" link on a class's javadoc page, you can get to it by using Classname.java.html syntax in your browser's address box.

News 2003.04.04 - Struts Resume and AppFuse 0.7 Released!

All kinds of upgrades in this release including: Hibernate (2.0 Beta 4), Struts (1.1-20030326), DBUnit (1.6-dev), Canoo WebTest (build276), XDoclet (1.2-20030328), and Display Tag Library (0.8.5). The only real new features are User Administration and a role-based Menu system. That is, only Admins can edit users. This was mainly motivated by the fact that someone keeps changing the password on the demo site, so now I can reset it using a browser rather than SQL.

AppFuse is Struts Resume without any resume-specific code. I hope to use this project as my baseline for future web application projects. Struts Resume will (hopefully) continue to evolve into an application that I can host my resume on.

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