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AppFuse with WSAD

This is a work in progress.. I will detail each of these out as best as I can..

  1. Load AppFuse
  2. Create new instance
  3. Create WSAD Enterprise project
  4. Create WSAD Web project
  5. Copy src, test , and web folders to the web project
  6. Copy lib, metadata, build.xml, app-settings.xml, build.properties, compile-jsp.xml, properties.xml to EAR project
  7. Setup datasource in WSAD
  8. Setup WAS5.1 test server
  9. Set affinity of EAR project for WAS5.1
  10. Mod build script to use property driven source dirs
    1. src.dir = ../web project dir/src
    2. test.src.dir = ../web project dir/test
    3. web.src.dir = ../web project dir/web
    4. Add the copy back to src dir target
  11. Run Ant setup-db
  12. Run Ant package-web
  13. Compile web project

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This page last changed on 06-Nov-2006 13:52:59 MST by MatthewFleming.