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My Dad's heading to Africa

Tanzania My Dad is heading to Tanzania (Africa) for two weeks on Friday. He works for the BLM as a Wireless Engineer - here's what he described his trip as:

I'm going to do a Radio System Assessment for the Ugalla Game Reserve for the Division of Wildlife of the Republic of Tanzania. I will be working with the Division of Wildlife and Africare to determine a radio system that will best allow the anti-poaching patrols to more effectively do their job and to enable other Game Reserves to comunicate with Ugalla. Ugalla's base station will be located in Tabora which is in western Tanzania. The asessment trip will allow us to determine the best communication solution for their needs, to develop guidelines for the purchasing of some of the equipment, and to haul and install what equipment we do purchase at a later date.

Pretty cool, eh? Good luck Pops!

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