NBA Fans are using AppFuse

Did you know that the Utah Jazz and LA Lakers Fan sites are powered by AppFuse? I've had a few beers with Eric (the guy who developed these sites) and he's finally given me permission to post links to both of them.

In addition to these sites, AppFuse also powers the Sacramento River Cats Fan Loyalty Portal. Eric notes:

You might want to mention in your blog that for LA and Utah, if you don't want to create an account you can just click on the demo link on the landing page to see what's inside. But you won't get to enter any of the contests and you'll miss some of the cheerleader pix. There's also a whole admin side for report generation and CMS, but of course that's restricted.

I wonder if Eric has any plans to develop a Denver Nuggets fan site? Julie and I have 4th row tickets to Friday night's game against the Jazz. Should be a fun game for sure. Go Nuggets!

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