The Good Seats

There's nothing like getting the good seats when you attend a sporting event or concert. This weekend, we had 4th row seats to the Nuggets game on Friday night, 2nd row to the DU Hockey game on Saturday night and first row to The Doodlebops show on Sunday. Believe it or not, The Doodlebops was probably the most fun. The fact that smiles were plastered on Abbie and Jack's faces made it great, but also Abbie got to give Mo a high five and both kids were dancing like they actually knew how. Fun stuff.

Next weekend looks to be great as well. It's dumping in the hills - Steamboat got around 4 feet of powder last week. The forecast is snow all week, with Spring-skiing temperatures this weekend. We're heading up at the end of week, so I'm crossing my fingers hoping for mounds of champagne powder. In the meantime, it's time to start coding like a madman on my new project where I'm building an e-commerce site with AppFuse 2.0.

Posted in General at Feb 26 2007, 05:15:36 AM MST 6 Comments