Happy Birthday Abbie!

This weekend, we celebrated Abbie's 10th birthday. And we did it in style, with a limo to dinner at the Melting Pot and a slumber party with all her friends.

Heading out to Abbie's Birthday dinner in style! Happy Girls! Abbie and her friends in the limo

Having fun at The Melting Pot

Today is her actual birthday and it's hard to believe we now have a 10 year old. I guess that means it's also my 10th Anniversary of becoming a father. And it's Trish's 2nd Anniversary of meeting the kids. Phew! That's a lot for one day.

Abbie is really into horses these days. Trish competed in Hunter Jumper riding when she grew up in Puerto Rico. She won all kinds of awards and fell in love with the horses and the sport. Since Abbie loved riding this summer at Trish's Boot Camp and in Hawaii, we enrolled her in horseback riding classes. So far, she's having a great time and has even won some ribbons at her first show.

She's also been playing quite a bit of basketball, a sport I love. She started last spring at the YMCA, continued this fall and is starting with another league through her school this week. I'm sure she'll tear it up on the slopes this year too, just like in years past. I can't wait to root for her basketball team and race her down the mountain this winter.

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