Denver Tech Meetup, Consulting Panel and My Jobs Timeline

If you live in Denver and are involved in open source (or simply technology in general), you should make it a point to attend tonight's Denver Tech Meetup. I'm planning on going for about an hour. From there, I'm heading over to the DeRailed User Group for a Consulting Panel at 8. If you're interested in moving from a full-time position to contracting, you should come. This is open to the public, so anyone can attend.

While I was thinking about things to talk about on the panel tonight, I started reflecting on the jobs I've had in my almost-11-year career in technology. Here's my timeline since college:

  1. 1997: Full-time at MCI Systemhouse
  2. 1998: Contractor for IBM Global Services (6 figures w/in 6 months of graduating!)
  3. April 1999 - April 2001: Full-time for (Friday lunches rocked)
  4. May 2001 - October 2001: Contractor for Douglas County (introduced to Ant, Struts, etc.)
  5. January 2002 - November 2002: Contractor for OnPoint Digital (100% remote)
  6. December 2002 - August 2003: Contractor for Comcast Media Center
  7. August 2003 - October 2003: Contractor for ResortQuest
  8. November 2003 - June 2004: Contractor for Adams County
  9. June 2004 - August 2004: Contractor for Open Logic
  10. October 2004 - December 2004: Contractor for Oak Grove Systems
  11. January 2005 - May 2005: Contractor for Xcel Energy
  12. June 2005 - January 2007: Contractor for Virtuas
  13. February 2007 - June 2007: Contractor for Checkerboard
  14. July 2007 - Present: Contractor for LinkedIn

Phew - that's 14 jobs in 11-ish years! Notice that I've only ever had 2 full-time positions. So far, I have no regrets and really enjoy being a consultant. If you're interested in learning more about how I started Raible Designs or how I get contracts, you might want to read the following posts.

If you live in Denver and want to learn more - show up at the The Hive at 8:00 tonight.

Update June 2008: My 3rd full-time gig started in May. Now I'm the Lead UI Architect at LinkedIn.

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