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I requested a new feature today for Roller - the ability to receive e-mail notification when comments have been posted. I mentioned this wouldn't be too hard using the mailer tag library. So I got slightly motivated and did it myself. I think to add it to Roller, we should make it a little more configurable, but here's what I added above the form in weblog/comment-form.jspf:

... define mailer and c taglibs of course ...

<c:if test="$\{param.method == 'update'\}">
    <mt:mail server="smtp.domain.com">
        <mt:setrecipient type="to">myname@domain.com</mt:setrecipient>
        <mt:from><c:out value="${param.email}"/></mt:from>
        <mt:subject>Comment: <bean:write name="blogEntry" 
property="title" scope="request" /></mt:subject>
        <mt:message><c:out value="${param.content}"/>

<c:out value="${param.name}"/>
<c:out value="${param.url}"/>
            Doh! An error has occurred sending comments notification!<br />
            <mt:error id="err">
                <jsp:getProperty name="err" property="error"/>

I had to put those \'s in their in order to get past Velocity. The one pain with the mailer tag library is everything comes through with the spacing as set in the JSP. That's why the name and url variables are squished all the way over to the left.

Posted in Java at Dec 13 2002, 07:21:56 AM MST 2 Comments

Wouldn't it be better to do this in the CommentAction? Also, one of the configuration parameters should be to turn it off. While I'd love to have comments mailed to me, I don't have a mail server available to my installation (though I really should fix that). So did this get emailed to you?

Posted by Lance on December 13, 2002 at 08:46 AM MST #

Oh definitely, this was just a quick fix to enable the feature. It's definitely got issues - the from address needs to have a default and there was some character issues in the e-mail I received. And I just realized another problem, when I post this comment, it'll send comment to me. We should have a way to turn off comments when from and to are the same, or something like that.

Posted by Matt Raible on December 13, 2002 at 09:07 AM MST #

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