Tomcat Service Manager for Windows

If you run Tomcat as a service (on Windows), you might be interested in the Tomcat Service Manager. I don't, so I'm not - I prefer "tstart" and "tstop" in cygwin (or bash), which are defined in my .bashrc file as:

alias tstart=$CATALINA_HOME/bin/startup.bat
alias tstop=$CATALINA_HOME/bin/shutdown.bat

NOTE: If you are unfortunate enough to have $CATALINA_HOME defined as a directory with spaces in it, you'll need to wrap $CATALINA_HOME in double quotes.

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[Trackback] I sort of agree with Tomcat Service Manager for Windows, only I find that Linux is better than cygwin on windows (for speed, reliability and price reasons beyond my preferences for Open Source/Free Software). However, we do run Tomcat on

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I use a simple .bat file with 'net start "Tomcat"' and 'net stop 'Tomcat"' to stop start the service, with a shortcut on the start menu. But I usually leave it running and use an Eclipse Plugin to stop start indivudual contexts ( The other cool plugin I came across recently was a log4j plugin similar to Chainsaw called Ganymede ( Shame it is indows only at the moment, hope he finds a way to make it cross-platform. I am making sure my dev tools are all cross-platform so I can swtich to Linux in the future.

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Not sure whether it is OT but firedaemon lets you run almost any application or script (bat, Perl, Java, Python...) as a service. 1 licence is around £15

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