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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

Weblog publishing software.

When I read Matt's post earlier today, I assumed that TopStyle is an HTML editor that now has weblog publishing features. On closer inspection, it appears that is not the case? #

As Dave realized, TopStyle is an HTML editor - although it was born into existence as a kick-ass CSS editor. Personally, I'd rather use a good HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or TopStyle over w:bloggar to create/edit my posts. Of course, it'd be much easier for the average internet user to use one client to do everything, but I prefer Edit -> make XHTML compliant (the good editors help me with this) -> copy/paste into the Roller Editor UI -> click "Post to Weblog". As with w:bloggar, it saves me from browser crashes. Then again, I've typed this whole entry into the <textarea> in the editor ui...

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Actually, Entourage synching in easier.

I just discovered that I can drag-n-drop all the vCards I exported from Outlook XP into Entourage's Address Book. So it's actually very simple for me to synch my Mac and Phone up with my main contacts repository on Windows XP. I'd love to be able to change contact's information in both Address Book or Entourage (or Outlook) and be able to synch them all - but I'll settle for making all my changes in Outlook for now.

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Great hints for OS X.

I called the local Apple store tonight to see if they had any Bluetooth USB adapters in stock. They did (sweet). So I cancelled the Mac/PC Bluetooth adapter I've had on order for over 5 weeks from CDW. While on the phone, I asked if the guy if he knew of a way to export my contacts from Outlook XP -> Entourage -> Address Book. He said I should check out So I did, and with a quick search on Outlook, whalla - I found Outport which allows you to export all your contacts as vCards. Then Apple's Address Book allows you to import vCards - so now all my contacts are synched up. Too bad Entourage doesn't appear to be as easy to synchronize. In fact, the only method seems to be exporting from Outlook as CSV and importing using a script from I guess M$ doesn't want you to migrate anything from Outlook to Entourage - but what if I just want to "share?" I also found some good general hints on using Entourage.

Earlier today, I discovered Inbox Buddy from The FuzzyBlog!. I downloaded and installed in about 30 seconds - very cool - it's working for me so far. It's takes a little while (est. 15 minutes) to setup, but it's nice to see only the important e-mails at the top of your inbox, and all the spam get shoved to the bottom.

I did manage to stop by the Apple Store tonight and pick up the bluetooth usb adapter, and now I can iSynch my T68i with my Address book - I love it!

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