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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

It's almost that time of year in Colorado.

Ski Season!

It's shaping up to be a helluva ski season this year. I can't wait! My wife can't wait to move to Florida next spring. The little one (due November 7th) should keep us both happy until then.

The question is "should I get a ski pass or not?" I've had one for the last 5 years, but last year sucked and I had only one 9" day at work. The year before, I had over ten! With snow already resting beatifully on our mountain tops, this year is lookin' good.


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New Blog to Read.

I found this gem off a few minutes ago:

Apple VP Ken Bereskin explains a new Mac OS X feature every day on his Radio weblog. #

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The worst feeling.

Oh man, I feel for poor ol' Russ.

I forgot to swap my hard-drives before installing Redhat.

It's gone. Everything. Gone. For some reason, a couple weeks ago I bought a 25-pack of CDRWs ready to go... and haven't used any of them except to back up some pics and Ana's file (during her original move). All my emails for the past 8 months (since my last backup) gone. Dev work? Pretty much gone. Graphics? Passwords? Documents? Software keys? Any digital photos from the past several weeks? Gone, gone, gone.

I've been there before, and I can't tell you how many times I've "rescued" my Windows box from sure death (well over 20 times). My advice - a six pack will ease your pain. The last time I hosed my machine I waited for a full 2 days to try to fix it, and whalla - I actually fixed it in under an hour! About 2 months ago I made it a lot simpler for myself and only do one OS per machine. My condolences - here's to finding your backup.

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Loading Context's in 4.1.12.

I was digging around in 4.1.12 and found that there's a whole new way to specify your context. You can now do it in a context.xml file in your webapps directory. Here's the manager.xml that ships with Tomcat.

<Context path="/manager" docBase="../server/webapps/manager"
         debug="0" privileged="true">

    <!-- Link to the user database we will get roles from -->
    <ResourceLink name="users" global="UserDatabase"


Cool! That'll make Tomcat much easier to configure.

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Upgrading to Tomcat 4.1.12.

I attempted to upgrade this site to use Tomcat 4.1.12 a couple hours ago, but had to back it out when I found that it doesn't follow symlinks by default. I've been trying to figure out a way to turn it on, but I haven't figured it out yet. I did find this e-mail, which made me think I could just add allowLinking="true" to my roller context. I was about to jump in and try it out, and then I thought - maybe I should see if anyone is on the site. I found 400+ active sessions! Yikes... I doubt that many folks have visited today - have they? I just restarted Tomcat a couple of hours ago. Here's what I saw in the manager application.

Listed applications for virtual host
Path Status Sessions Reload Remove
/flash-remoting running / stop 0 Reload » Remove »
/manager running / stop 0 Reload » Remove »
/raiblenet running / stop 0 Reload » Remove »
/roller running / stop 0 Reload » Remove »
/tomcat-docs running / stop 0 Reload » Remove »
/webdav running / stop 0 Reload » Remove »
/ running / stop 403 Reload » Remove »

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