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The Angular Mini-Book The Angular Mini-Book is a guide to getting started with Angular. You'll learn how to develop a bare-bones application, test it, and deploy it. Then you'll move on to adding Bootstrap, Angular Material, continuous integration, and authentication.

Spring Boot is a popular framework for building REST APIs. You'll learn how to integrate Angular with Spring Boot and use security best practices like HTTPS and a content security policy.

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The JHipster Mini-Book The JHipster Mini-Book is a guide to getting started with hip technologies today: Angular, Bootstrap, and Spring Boot. All of these frameworks are wrapped up in an easy-to-use project called JHipster.

This book shows you how to build an app with JHipster, and guides you through the plethora of tools, techniques and options you can use. Furthermore, it explains the UI and API building blocks so you understand the underpinnings of your great application.

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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.


What was I doing in 1993? It was my second year of college and about this time (that year), I'd just finished driving my 1969 VW Bug from Salem (Oregon) to Denver. I'd rebuilt the engine right before I left Oregon, and my first 500 "wear-in" miles were on the road. Definitely not a good idea. It took me a week to get to Denver, as I broke down a few times: Little America, WY (dead battery), Green River, WY (blow fan belt), 50 miles past Green River (another fan belt). Leaking oil, blown fan belts, sleeping in the car - and all with no driver's license (I couldn't find it). I was 3 weeks late for school (only 10 weeks in a quarter), and the first day I went to class, there was a mid-term. Uugh.

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How to get it all done?

Reading Russell's post tonight about "that middle place" makes me feel good - there are others with brains that work too much.

I have too many options. I have too many things to learn/do/create.

This is how I feel about getting my Photoshop certification, upgrading my other certifications, adding search features to roller, raking the leaves, selling my car and being prepared to drop it all at a moments notice when Julie goes into labor. I often find that when I give myself a list of tasks like this, it's out of boredom rather than necessity. None of these are necessary (except for the last), but they are things that I'd like to do to accomplish before the end of the year. My best luck with studying for certifications has been: wake up early, usually at 4 or 5 and go to work early to study. This is tough when you work at home like me. There are too many distractions at home, or anywhere in the vicinity of a computer. Best to go to a library or conference room and study for an hour or two each day. So what I'm advocating is: 1) put yourself on a studying schedule, and 2) make time to study away from home.

I've got all this stuff I want to do and learn, and there's only 24 hours in the day and I've got to sleep for what, 3 of them at least (hahaha. Oh how I WISH I could function on 3 hours sleep). I really need to learn to UNPLUG the internet and sometimes UNPLUG the computer so I can get the stuff I need to done...

So true, I'm really looking forward to UNPLUGGING in the coming weeks.

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A Very Hot Blog.

I have to agree with Dave...

Mr. Inluminent certainly has a winning approach to the "is my blog hot or not" competition.

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