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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

[ANNOUNCE] Struts Resume and AppFuse 0.7 Released!

There's nothing like tootin' your own horn. What's even worse is checking all this stuff into CVS and then uploading it on a dial-up connection. Anyway, here it is - the latest and greatest version of struts-resume and (finally) a version of appfuse. AppFuse is basically struts-resume w/o any resume stuff. There's not much new that's visible for struts-resume, the only real things are User Administration (no add, just list/delete/assign roles) and a smart-menu that stays expanded based on your previous selections. Here is a full list of what's new in 0.7 (both apps):

Features in 0.7
- Upgraded to Hibernate 2.0 Beta 4.
- Upgraded to Struts 1.1 nightly build (2003.03.26) to fix Validator issue.
- Upgraded DBUnit to 1.6-dev to fix batchStatement error in Ant task.
- Upgraded Canoo WebTest from build265 to build276.
- Upgraded XDoclet to nightly build (2003.03.28) for Hibernate 2.0
compatibility. Apache module is still customized for POJO -> ActionForms.
- Upgraded Display Tag Library to version 0.8.5.
- Renamed "test-canoo" task to "test-jsp".
- Added "db-load" as a dependency to running unit tests to get a fresh
database each time.
- In and, pre-pended contextPath
to authURL (i.e. "j_security_check") to get absolute path.
- Added User Administrator to list/edit/delete users. This feature
includes using indexedProperties on a form - still using XDoclet, but using
a subclass of UserForm, called UserFormEx to hold the getter/setters for
the indexedProperties.
- Wrote more Cactus and Canoo Tests to verify Resume editing and User
Administration functioned properly.
- Added icons to success and error messages template (common/messages.jsp).
- Implemented role-based Permissions on menu by adding
permissions="rolesAdapter" to in menu.jsp.

I've put a line through the renaming of "test-canoo" to "test-jsp" because it's in the README (part of the download) and I don't want to re-upload just because of one stinkin' line.

Tomorrow, I'm actually presenting for the Struts Training class, so I won't be able to give a full review. One of the gents who wrote Stxx will be presenting first at 8:30 MST, and then I'm up for my preso. I'm going to do some short and sweet stuff on Remember Me and XDoclet with Struts. If you're interested, you can do the labs I put together. I'll post the slides when I'm done presenting.

Posted in Java at Apr 04 2003, 11:56:25 PM MST 3 Comments

How do I implement password rules?

Does anyone know of any open source packages or techniques for implementing password rules. For instance, I need to implement the following rules for password in my application:

Passwords must be made up of at least three (3) of the four (4) following 
classes of characters: Lowercase letters, Uppercase letters, Numbers, Special 

I can probably whip up some JavaScript for this, but I'd need server-side code to catch if JavaScript is disabled. I'm guessing this is not possible with regular expressions.

Posted in Java at Apr 04 2003, 10:36:31 AM MST 7 Comments