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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

Roller and GZIP Compression

Roller has a couple of gzip compression filters built into its codebase thanks to Lance. I haven't been using them because, according to Dave, they didn't work on Tomcat. I'm not one to doubt Dave, so I'm guessing he was running on an old version of Tomcat when this happened - because I was able to get them running lickedly split today! All I had to do was uncomment the filter mappings for the PageGzipFilter and the RssGzipFilter and voila - you're getting gzipped content (if your browser supports it). I've verified it's working using Firebird's Live HTTP Headers extension (thanks for the tip Lance). Cool beans - now help me name this new theme before I commit it. Here's some ideas I've come up with:

  • Minimal
  • Sunsets
  • LowB (for Low Bandwidth)
  • Simplicity

All suggestions are welcome.

Posted in Roller at Jun 23 2003, 09:10:27 PM MDT 9 Comments

New Apple Stuff

The new G5's are cool - and I'm almost inspired to buy one. However, I read the following comment and I think it's better to wait:

IBM is working on next generation "that will knock your socks off" [vowe dot net]

iChat AV looks very cool - especially if I can use any DV camera (esp. since I already have one). Of course, I can already see the problem with this software - you'll have to have a Mac on the other end - right?! That sucks, there's no way my PC-loving family is going to buy a super-spendy Mac (and I don't blame them).

Posted in Mac OS X at Jun 23 2003, 03:07:46 PM MDT 1 Comment

Getting back on the road to XHMTL compliance

This site has failed to validate for many moons now. I think ever since I added the twisty comments. So did some work today to make the twisty comments XHTML-compliant. I almost got there. The only problem I experienced was with the <iframe> that's used to submit the comment. Basically, if I want to be XHTML 1.0 Strict, I need to create the iframe on the fly (with JavaScript), as well as set the form's target to this frame. It all works fine and dandy in Mozilla, but I can't get IE to let me set an "onload" property for the iframe. It just doesn't work. So I've reverted to XHTML 1.0 Transitional and I've stuck the iframe in the page, allowing me to set the onload property manually. Other changes I made to facilitate better compliance (this is mainly so I can fix it in Roller later).

  • Replaced "insertionid" attributes in weblog.vm with "id" attributes and adjusted JavaScript in comments.js accordingly.
  • Various small fixes to themes/x2/styles/comments.css.
  • Edited my "_day" template to end the </p> before the #showCommentsDiv.
  • Moved <a> tags inside of the <h1> tags.

So my remaining problems are the onload on the iframe and the fact that the left arrow doesn't show up in IE next to the comments div. Oh well, I can live with one measly validation error.

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RE: Using Struts' Declared Exceptions

I modified the ActionExceptionHandler I reported on earlier. Now it uses the already built-in functionality of the Struts' ExceptionHandler and also only reports messages that are distinct. That is, it checks the next exception's message to see if the current message is a duplicate. Probably best to let the code speak for itself.

I'm not expecting anyone to care - I just want to make sure the code I'm using is accurately reflected here (rather than the initial, untested prototype).

Posted in Java at Jun 23 2003, 10:23:01 AM MDT 1 Comment

[ANNOUNCE] Tomcat 5.0.3 Alpha released

From the tomcat-user mailing list:

Tomcat 5.0.3 Alpha is now available for testing.

Please refer to the changelog included in the release for the list of changes. [Download]

I've found that this release is not worth your time. It's even worse than 5.0.2. For details, check out my Tomcat 5 upgrade page.

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RE: WWDC Keynote

Keep an eye on the WWDC Quicktime Keynote Stream page later this afternoon. [Matt Croydon]

Let's hope they announce 2 GHz G5s. I was thinking that if they gave them to us cheap, I might be willing to combine my 2 1.5 GHz Dells into dual-processing Linux beast - and just go for a dual processor G5 as my new desktop machine...

Posted in Mac OS X at Jun 23 2003, 05:27:08 AM MDT Add a Comment