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Spring Boot is a popular framework for building REST APIs. You'll learn how to integrate Angular with Spring Boot and use security best practices like HTTPS and a content security policy.

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Rails - the MVC Framework for Ruby

When I first saw the quick setup for Rails video, I dismissed it as a something simple that wasn't that cool. Thanks to Dion's post, I decided to watch it again. Then I realized why it looked so simple the first time - the video kept looping and all I saw was the Apache setup part - I didn't see the whole video. After watching the video this morning, it's enough to make me want to become a Ruby developer and use Rails to develop my next webapp. Then again, Ruby probably doesn't pay the bills nearly as well. The upside is it looks like it would actually run fast on OS X instead of the dog-slow Ant/Tomcat/Eclipse/IDEA combination.

Hopefully I'll get to learn more about Rails at Denver's upcoming No Fluff Just Stuff. It looks like Dave has added it to his repertoire. I wonder if Rails has support for using the Copeland IoC container?

Posted in Java at Oct 25 2004, 03:19:00 PM MDT 9 Comments