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Java CMS Systems

Michael Levin is at the JavaPosse Roundup this week. Today, they're discussing Java CMS Systems. I recently had an e-mail discussion with a reader regarding Java-based CMS Systems. In hopes of getting these questions answered by Michael today, here's that thread:

Original E-Mail:
OpenCMS, Magnolia CE/EE, Atleap, Alfresco, Liferay.

Magnolia EE, Day Communique, Hannon Hill, Refresh, Vertical Site.

We are leaning towards Magnolia EE since we have a load balancer and two production server, but I bet we could hack in support in the community edition.

Any comments/recommendations?
-------- My response:
I'd check out Alfresco's new 2.0 WCM - just released last week. I haven't looked at many of the CMSes in a year or so, but I'm willing to bet that OpenCMS still has issues installing. I still like Drupal too and recommend it for folks just wanting a website they can edit.

In reality, my experience with CMS systems is outdated and you shouldn't consider me an authority. ;-)
-------- Thanks for the lead. We actually eliminated Alfresco, b/c I thought they were more of a portal.

The reason we were leaning towards Magnolia and Vertical Site was b/c of JSR 170 (which Alfesco claims to support).

I wonder about the scalability of JCR, do have an opinion?
-------- I don't have an opinion because I don't have much experience with it. It's supposed to be the JDBC of CMSs, so I imagine it's pretty scalable. However, it's pretty new, so I'm sure there will be growing pains. I know that uses Magnolia as their backend (and WebWork as their frontend), so obviously it scales well for them.

What are your thoughts on Java-based CMS Systems? Comments from experienced developers appreciated more than vendor pitches. ;-)

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RE: Jetty Ant Plugin

It looks like Jetty has a new Plugin for Ant. If you've used the Jetty Maven Plugin, you know this is a slick way to quickly deploy your application. For those of you wondering about Tomcat, there's a similar Tomcat Maven Plugin that supports tomcat:run and tomcat:run-war. However, it's still in Mojo's sandbox.

I'm pumped to see this Jetty task for Ant because I've been thinking a lot about creating an exploded, full-source archetype for AppFuse 2.0. Of course, it's probably possible to start Jetty and monitor your project for changes w/o this task - but it does seem to make things a fair amount easier. If we do a full-source archetype, it makes sense to support Ant as well - especially since we can probably re-use the build.xml from AppFuse Light.

This brings up a related questions I asked on the AppFuse mailing list yesterday:

A couple of questions for folks using (or planning to use) 2.x:

1. As far as archetypes go, are you using basic or modular?

2. If there was a 3rd type of archetype that included the full source (like AppFuse 1.x), would you use it over the existing basic or modular archetypes? If yes, I'm assuming upgrading is not that big of an issue for you?

If you've tried AppFuse 2.x and would like to answer these questions, please add a comment.

There's another questions about Selenium vs. Canoo WebTest in that post, but that's reserved for another entry where I'll talk about Selenium options in Maven 2.

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