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This book shows you how to build an app with JHipster, and guides you through the plethora of tools, techniques and options you can use. Furthermore, it explains the UI and API building blocks so you understand the underpinnings of your great application.

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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I turned one year older. It's strange to look back and see that I didn't blog about my birthday in 2007 or 2006, but I did in all previous years. Reflecting back on things, my birthday celebrations have gotten better over the years (we do a golf tournament every year now), but the working-on-my-birthday thing has gotten worse.

From my first birthday post in 2003:

Ever since I worked at, where they gave us our birthday's off, I've continued to take the day off.

As a contractor, it's pretty easy to say "I'm not working on Wednesday, it's my birthday". Last year was the beginning of the downturn - when I started working on my birthday. I'd just started working at LinkedIn the week before. My birthday was on the Tuesday of the 2nd week I was on-site. I found it hard to say, "I need Tuesday" off, so I worked through it. This year, as an employee, I worked through it again. I don't recommend it.

If you can, take your birthday off. I'm going to see what I can do at LinkedIn to make it a company policy that employees get their birthday off. Wish me luck. ;-)

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