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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

EhCache Project Busy this Summer

The EhCache project appears to be having a very busy summer. EhCache 1.5.0 (a major new version) was released on July 12th. In addition, a new (SOAP-based) EhCache Server was released at the end of July. You might ask yourself why you'd need such a beast. I think Greg explains it best:

Why am I doing this? There are lots of theories that have made their way on to the ehcache mailing list. The prosaic truth is that a large US corporate using ehcache for their Java apps on 200+ servers also wants to use it for their C++ apps. And they are prepared to sponsor development. The Web Services API lets them do it. That's it.

As to the larger question of how interesting this is to the world at large, my view is not very. However having to jump through all the hoops to get a server infrastructure done, I thought that the world at large may be interested in a RESTful, resource oriented ehcache server.

The next day, Greg announces EhCache for JRuby on Rails. A few days later, RESTful, resource-oriented caching becomes available in ehcache-server.

I guess this helps answer the question about OSCache vs. EhCache. OSCache hasn't had a release in over a year and EhCache is pumping out new releases and new products. Well done, Greg!

At LinkedIn, we use EhCache for many of our caching needs. However, it's likely we'll be moving to Memcached in the future. Since I'll be part of the team that implements Memcached, it'll be interesting to see which one performs better.

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Spontaneous Stuff Weekend

This weekend, I didn't have much planned to do with the kids. I had a couple ideas, but nothing set in stone. The good news is the kids were full of ideas and we kept ourselves plenty occupied. On Saturday, we went to Elitch Gardens. We rode the Light Rail and my stomach barely survived the 4-hour journey.

Roller Coaster at Elitches Spinner

I was pleased to find out they served beer at Elitches, but regretted it shortly after as I was spinning with the kids in the Tea Cups. But that wasn't the worst ride. The worst one was Thunderbolt - that was the one I had to go on back-to-back with each kid (b/c they weren't tall enough to ride alone). Shortly after getting off, I realized I'd left my iPhone on the ride. Luckily, I rushed back to the ride and the operator was able to find my car and grab it from a very happy teenager.

Today we decided it'd be fun to take a hike. We gathered everyone in the car and drove just past Idaho Springs to St. Mary's Glacier. It was a nice 1.5 mile round-trip hike and both the kids and Cookie (the dog) had a great time. I was pretty impressed with the kids' ability to hike, especially over all the big rocks on the trail. Of course, when I told them they did so well, it only took Abbie 2 seconds to process and respond with "does that mean we get toys?"

Hiking to St. Mary's Glacier St. Mary's Glacier

Conquering the Rocks Dad - I can't touch the sand!

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