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My Dad's Fall from Grace

My Dad sent my sister and I the following e-mail yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed his so much I couldn't resist posting it here. Great story Dad - get well soon!

Subject: A Fall from Grace

Hello my children,

My nights at the gym have paid off. While beginning to remove the solar panels I lost my situational awareness and stepped backwards off of the dormer. I'm bruised, but not broken anywhere. I can forget about this bone spur and rotator cuff healing real soon because that's the side that hit first.

I have a natural ability to land on my elbows without breaking them when I fall; so, that's what took the brunt of it. When falling at 32 ft per sec. for 8 ft. I didn't have much time to think about it and prepare for a hard landing. I did notice after the side of my head hit the roof and my glasses and hat headed for the gutter that I was apparently doing the same.

As like the time I started to slide down a steep snow bank on Lion Creek working on the Trail Crew early one spring I was looking for an anchor. There happened to be a vent pipe sticking up that I was able to grab with the inside of my knee.

While I was wondering what I broke I heard a voice say from below "Are you alright?" It was my neighbor who was out on her porch kitty-corner from us having a cigarette when she noticed my fall from grace. I asked her if I bounced and she said that it looked like I hit pretty hard. Later, I considered myself lucky that I didn't impale myself on either of the vent pipes sticking out of the roof.

Figuring that I wouldn't be able to walk the next day I decided to finish the job. It went fairly well and I shouldn't have to go up there anymore; altho, the moss will need to be removed when we try to sell the place. Maybe my fears of early onset are grounded as I will be for the next month. I am sore; but can walk. Later this afternoon I'll see if I can carry any weight on my left side.



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This is the best part. I love the reasoning, it makes perfect sense.

"Figuring that I wouldn't be able to walk the next day I decided to finish the job."

Posted by Country on February 22, 2009 at 05:59 PM MST #

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