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An iPod in my future?

iPod I'm thinking about getting an iPod. I've been using a walkman tuned to the FM stations in Denver for my ride to/from work, but it's not cutting it anymore. So the question is "Which one?" There's a Windows version and a Mac version, and supposedly the iPod is configured to only work with one machine? My Windows machine has all my music on it, and my music-downloading software, so the Windows version is probably the best candidate. Another reason for the Windows version is that my Win box never moves - it's always at home.

5 gigs or 10? I only have around 500 songs - so 5 gigs is probably a good size. With 27 gigs free on my OS X hard drive, I don't really need more space. What I'm really asking here is: Send me links of good software for the iPod. I've heard rumors that there's stuff out there that'll allow you to use it on more than one machine. Feel free to remain anonymous, or use my contact page to send me an e-mail if you don't want to comment.

Posted in Mac OS X at Apr 22 2003, 11:25:28 AM MDT 5 Comments

Go for the 20GB model! Even though I might never fill up my 20 GB iPod, it's good to know I can put my entire CD collection (even those pesky dual CDs like "The Wall") on there. Either model you end up choosing, it's a sexy little toy. There are some good software and hardware links over at the iPod lounge. I'd also recommend the Habitat as a nice little stand for the iPod on your desk. Again, very sexy.

Posted by David Czarnecki on April 22, 2003 at 11:52 AM MDT #

I have an iPod and I love it. I believe you can use a Windows iPod on OS X but you still need to tied the iPod one machine where you will do a majority of the MP3 syncing. I would recommend your Mac just because iTunes is really setup nicely for this but then I am not sure you could access your tunes from Windows since the iPod would be formatted in Mac format. I have a Windows and Mac boxen but I just use my iPod with my Mac and use Windows filesharing to get the the mp3s from my Windows box. Don't buy anything before April 28th as Apple is slated to make a music announcement on that date that will likely include updated iPods. has details. The utility I use on different OS X boxes to copy mp3s from my iPod is called iPod.iTunes . Feel free to drop me an email or IM me (aol: kwiersma, MSN: kwiersma at if you have any questions.

Posted by Kurt on April 22, 2003 at 12:01 PM MDT #

Kurt - thanks for the news! I was ready to go out and buy one today, but it looks like I should wait a week or so.

Posted by Matt Raible on April 22, 2003 at 03:30 PM MDT #

I have a 10 gig windows Ipod. Just bare in mind you need a fire wire card for your windows box. I found one for $30. Get at least the 10 as the 5 gig uses the old manual dial, opposed to the newer "touch" dial. Way cooler.

Posted by Patrick Peak on April 23, 2003 at 07:43 AM MDT #

Get at least the 10GB as Patrick says. I have a 10GB and use it on my Mac. As someone else said, iTunes makes all the others look lame. I actually have about 17GB of music on my Mac, so it doesn't all fit on the iPod. In hindsight, I kinda wish I got the 20GB, but it's really not a problem, because, at least with iTunes, you can choose how to put music on the iPod via which playlists (there are other ways too). And, the way I tend to use the iPod is in my car. So, I just have these big general playlists like "rock" and "metal", etc., that have maybe a few hundred songs in them. Then, I stick it on shuffle and pick one, and I've got music for hours. I use this when I drive in to the office (an approx 3 hour drive +/- depending on traffic). Dr. Bott makes cigarette lighter chargers, and you can get the typical tape or radio connectors for your car stereo (the tape is better than the radio IMHO, although a direct RCA connection is best if your car stereo can facilitate that).

Posted by Chris Bailey on April 23, 2003 at 11:47 AM MDT #

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