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[ANN] Cargo 0.1 Released

Vincent Massol has released Cargo 0.1 - an open source project to start/stop and configure Java containers. I'm using its Ant tasks in Spring Live's sample app in conjuction with jWebUnit and Canoo's WebTest and it works great. Here's some sample code:

    <target name="test-web" depends="war"
        description="Runs tests that required a running server">
        <taskdef resource="cargo.tasks" classpathref="classpath"/>
        <cargo-tomcat5x homeDir="${tomcat.home}"
            workingDir="${test.dir}/tomcat5x" action="start">
            <war warFile="${dist.dir}/${}.war"/>
        <property name="testcase" value="WebTest"/>
        <antcall target="test"/>

Read more about Cargo's beginnings on This initial version provides:

  • A Java API to:
    • Start containers
    • Stop containers
    • Configure containers for deployment in any user-specified directory
    • Wait for containers to be started
    • Wait for containers to be stopped
    • Supports WAR and EAR static deployments
  • Ant tasks that wraps the Java API

Good stuff - thanks Vincent!

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