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Another cool photo album

Dave Watson has one of the coolest photo albums I've seen yet. And how does Kurt Eastwood make these images so sharp. Oh yeah, and he's got a nice photo album too. Those are some nice pictures - especially for the web! Can my images be this sharp? Is iPhoto making them look bad and I just need to use Photoshop to trim for the web?

Posted in The Web at Dec 08 2002, 04:29:25 PM MST 3 Comments

Hi there, saw your site in my referral logs and popped on over. Thanks for the plug! Can't give away all my secrets :) , but I can say that one thing I discovered a while back is that I get good results if I sharpen twice. Once when the image is large (ie. roughly the size it was when it was downloaded from the memory card), after you've done any other adjustments (sharpening should always be done last, after levels adjustment, color balance adjustment, etc.), and then again after resizing. Since my web images are about a 1/4th of the original size, that resizing realligns the pixels so that they lose their crispness, and that's why I do it again (at a slightly less "powerful" setting than the first time). BTW, not all my images are sharpened a second time. Sometimes, due to whatever subject matter is in the photo, a second sharpening can give it a real "plasticky" look, which I don't like. Again, thanks for the plug! p.s. the last name is Easterwood, not Eastwood (in other words, no relation to Clint :)

Posted by Kurt on December 09, 2002 at 03:41 AM MST #

Cool! Thanks for the tip!

Posted by Matt on December 09, 2002 at 04:49 AM MST #

Thanks for the link and the compliment. I'm lazy and I absolutely abhor photoshop and it's ilk so I have a strict no photo editing policy. All of the images that you see on my site are unedited and have come from a few different cameras. The majority are from a canon a5, and then there's a mix of nikon coolpix and nikon pronea 6i. There are a few old 35mm scans laying around but they are in the minority. Having great subjects to shoot makes it a lot easier and when I lived in Seattle that was definitely the case. Other than that, I just try to choose cameras and lenses that make it easy to get great color and sharp images with minimum fuss. Thanks again!

Posted by david on December 10, 2002 at 10:28 AM MST #

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