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OpenLaszlo supports Ajaxified output

I heard this was coming, but I didn't expect it so soon.

There has been some crazy, crazy work going on here in the last month or two and the result is amazing. Today at etech, we’re demoing an early alpha of OpenLaszlo’s new DHTML backend. Truth! Press Release!


Here’s a new demo showing off the goods:

That’s a live OpenLaszlo server, running both apps from the same source code.

Also, new shiny page, with links to the DHTML demo.

This demo definitely works best in Firefox, but it's damn impressive. It's tough to test which medium you're using if you open them side-by-side. My hats off to you OpenLaszlo Developers - well done.

Posted in Java at Mar 07 2006, 05:12:22 PM MST 1 Comment

Thanks for the mention! We really wanted to include IE support, but got tripped up at the last minute with image loader issues. We should have those ironed out soon, and we'll have an early source distro available as soon as we can.

Posted by Jim Grandy on March 13, 2006 at 03:20 PM MST #

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