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PowerBook Dent Redux

Continuing my PowerBook Dent story from last week...

I continued to work with my iPod as a hard drive on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, and took my laptop into the Apple Store on Thursday evening. The guys at the Genius Bar said that neither Apple Care nor a warranty covered accidental damage, and that it would be very expensive if I sent it in. Their suggestion was to take my dented, no-hard-drive-finding PowerBook to The Mac Outlet for a new case. They said if I got a new bottom case, I could bring it back and say "the hard drive can't be found" and Apple Care would likely fix it for free.

On Saturday, I took my machine into The Mac Outlet. They estimated $550 for a new bottom case, and suggested the cheaper new hard drive route for around $250. I agreed with the cheaper route, but told them I was very keen on trying to recover the existing hard drive. Yesterday, they called me at 5:30 and said "You're on of the lucky ones." The whole problem was due to a loose cable - plugging it back in fixed all the issues. Yeeee haawww, my laptop is as good as new!

Now it's time to buy some DVDs, do some backup, and buy one of those "spongy wetsuit material" type cases. ;-)

Posted in Mac OS X at Aug 31 2005, 10:36:13 AM MDT 1 Comment

Do some backup? Don't tell me you didn't have backup?!? I bet you were peeing in your pants!!!! :) I had my gateway laptop hard drive bust on Cinco de Mayo of this year. I wasn't at too much of a panic since I used versionhost for CVS and my importants were in Virginia somewhere. But, there was one project that I hadn't committed to for a week (bad Dan), and I could do a lot in week, so my nerves were shaken over that one project. Now I own my own server with at $200+/mo with my own subversioning and I couldn't be happier! I really don't care now what happens to my laptop *cough*. :)

Posted by Dan Hinojosa on August 31, 2005 at 07:19 PM MDT #

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