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RE: Sun to Rave about ease of use at JavaOne

Does Sun have something cool up there sleeve? Or do they have something they think is cool? As far as I can tell, they thing that Sun ONE is the best thing since sliced bread. I'm sure it is when compared to their iPlanet products. I should know, I've done way too much development on iPlanet. Actually, most of the coding I did was workarounds, rather than writing code. Anyway, I found this post on that indicates that Sun thinks they've got something good.

Sun Microsystems next week will unveil a developer tool and community portal designed to broaden the appeal of its Java programming language.

The new developer tool, code-named Project Rave, will be demonstrated at Sun's JavaOne Conference in San Francisco next week. It will incorporate the JavaServer Faces Web APIs as well as a number of Java Web services and database connectivity technologies, all with the aim of making Java development -- and in particular, Java Web services development -- easier to do. [Full Article]

I doubt it'll be that good - just some enhancements to Sun ONE Studio I expect. If it was written in SWT, and it was open source (so we could all make it better) - that would be very cool! But I doubt that'll happen. The'll also be going live with (whois record). Hope it's good - it's going to take a lot to make me want to read over java.blogs.

Regardless of this announcement (and the new logo), next week IS going to be a good week. Java will be on the spotlight and in the news, and we all get to look forward to a vibrant week of blogging and announcements. Cool - I can't wait!

Posted in Java at Jun 06 2003, 11:47:30 AM MDT 1 Comment

its not according to several articles..and according to whois records.. But yes using swt and being opensource would make SunOne Studio better in term speople coudl actually fix it.. I actually switched to Eclipse from SunOne Studio CE montsh ago and will not go back :)

Posted by Fred Grott on June 06, 2003 at 01:49 PM MDT #

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