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Roller installed successfully!

I finally got this application installed at my ISP ( As an FYI, here are the issues I experienced while installing.

  1. I had to copy WEB-INF/lib/jaxrpc.jar to $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib.
  2. I was getting the following error on Linux/Tomcat 4.0.3:

    2002-07-31 13:28:12 ROLLER> PersistenceException getting database connection
    [org.exolab.castor.jdo.DatabaseNotFoundException: The JNDI
    name java:comp/env/jdbc/rollerdb does not map to a JDBC DataSource]
    ... and since I was able to reproduce this on WinXP/Tomcat 4.0.3, I upgraded to 4.0.4 at my ISP. BTW, they let ME do this - very cool ;-)
  3. Then I was getting the following error:

    TyrexDataSourceFactory:  Cannot create DataSource, Exception
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.hsql.jdbcDriver
    ... so I sent a message to the Keith at kgbinternet - a couple of hours ago - and I don't know if he did anything, but I'm posting on the working app as we speak!

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I predict this blog might be quite a readen one ;)

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