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Struts + OJB Example at SourceForge

James Mitchell has contributed a modified version of Chuck Cavaness' Beer4All Shopping cart demo to the Struts' SourceForge Project. If you're looking for an example of using OJB with Struts, this is probably your best bet. From the struts-user mailing list:

Ok, just got off the phone with Chuck.  He said he doesn't mind, so here is
the version that I have:

Note - This is a simple webapp and not all the features have been
implemented.  I will continue to improve the codebase over the next few
months, but this is a "use at your own risk" sample application.

To deploy "as is", you will need to configure your database connection
(repository.xml) and create a database (or change the config) called 'ojb'
with a user 'ojb' and password 'ojb'.  Next execute the sql.sql against the
new database to create the necessary data and internal tables (OJB).

Use you best judgment to deploy on your container.  I can help if using
Tomcat, Resin, or JBoss/Tomcat.  Personally, I use JBoss/Tomcat so the
unzipped/exploded war should deploy if you extract it to

Have fun!!!

James Mitchell
Software Developer/Struts Evangelist

BTW, there are quite a few Hibernate example apps (appfuse, hibernate and struts-resume) at the Struts SF project as well.

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