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Struts Resume 0.5 Released!

I was up until 7:00 a.m. this morning finishing the struts-resume example application for my Struts chapter. I finally did it - I'm done. At least for now. I'd love to set a demo up on this server, but it requires a MySQL database, and I don't want to pay Keith the $20 to setup another database instance for me. I know, I know - Why don't I use HSQL? Because I just finished the damn application, and I need to convince myself to not touch it for at least a few days, or I'll never get anything else done (like cleaning my desk and hitting the gym).

Short-term (next 2-3 week) goals for this project are:

  • Abstract the good stuff out of struts-resume for AppFuse. They're really the same thing right now, and I'll need to trim it down a bit so there's only CRUD on a user or something like that.
  • Get it into the Struts Project's CVS at Ted Husted made me a committer, now I just have to do it. I'd rather check in appfuse than struts-resume, so the previous step is a must.
  • Change Struts to use path-mapping (/do/*) rather than extension-mapping (*.do). The tricky part is making this work with modules.
  • Code cleanup and Javadocs. Use checkstyle to make everything peachy-keen.

I don't believe it's important to fully flush out the features in the application at this point - that might overwhelm users in the end - maybe in a couple months I'll get around to doing that. You can bet I'll get super motivated right around the time I'm looking for a new gig! I'm expecting this in June, so might be awhile.

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