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Sun's Guerilla Cannibal Team

James Governor:

... Sun would do well to build a new team tasked with putting pressure on its own software portfolio. This disruptive influence would ideally eschew technologies associated with the Java Enterprise System. Instead it would concentrate on other issues such as establishing a business model for the Roller blogging platform, or working out a non-virtual machine story for scripting languages. Doing cool things with Rome and Atom. Focusing on mashups, Web 2.0, Read/Write and programmableweb and new ways of getting things done. Oh yeah - AJAX.
So who is on the A-Team, in my view?

  • Hal Stern - Hal is a playful, but could play the role of Corporate Guy on the guerilla team. As a Sun Services representative he can bring some very useful resources to the table. Many of the new approaches in web 2.0 require hosting. That's a potential services play. Note that IBM Global Services doesn't like hosting easy software that doesn't require a lot of expensive customisation.
  • Simon Phipps - Simon is currently Sun's chief open source officer. Perhaps counterintuitively, as the rest of the industry begins to realise that Sun isn't "out out get" OSS, his role may become less, rather than more, important. A successful open source strategy requires less top down management of issues. So why not free up Simon to do what he does best. Contrarian Evangelism.
  • Tim Bray - developers respect Tim almost without reservation (although his championing of ATOM has left some people scratching their heads). He even thinks of himself as the honourable opposition. Needs to be on the team because he has a visceral dislike of space architecture and WS-I.
  • Dave Johnson - the developer behind Roller. He just gets the new new thing, and he builds stuff, rather than talking about it.
  • Matt Raible - doesn't work for Sun, but works well with Dave. And RedMonk just likes him...

It's not every day you get listed with a line-up like that! Like Simon Phipps commented - where should I send my resume? Looks like I owe the RedMonk guys a beer or 6. ;-)

Posted in Java at Mar 01 2006, 05:45:33 PM MST 4 Comments

Oh yes - and please let the rest of us know :-)

Posted by Martin Falck on March 02, 2006 at 01:31 AM MST #

You'll be amused to know I have had far more hits on my web page from your link than from James's link. I'm honoured to be in <em>your</em> company :-)

Posted by Simon Phipps on March 02, 2006 at 05:56 AM MST #

Oh the things that could be possible with that kind of dream team and straightforward vision.

Posted by Geof Harries on March 02, 2006 at 11:53 AM MST #

Thanks for pointing out the limits of my influence so eloquently Simon. What can I say? I try but i can't promise to send readers out of my finger. I can however, say that Jonathan Schwartz would likely have read my blog, so i can help with the top down if you can work on the grassroots up. I pointed to Matt for a reason.

Posted by james governor on March 20, 2006 at 10:32 AM MST #

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