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The Flight to Amsterdam

Tomorrow morning, my dad, Bruce and I will be getting on a Continental flight headed for Amsterdam. We stop in Houston for a couple hours, then it's a 10-hour flight from there. Bruce found a diagram of our plane and it appears to have power outlets. Inspired by this news, I went out and bought an adapter for my MacBook Pro.

Now the question is - where there be enough room for my 17" laptop?

The last flight I was on (to Boston a few weeks ago), there was no room for a laptop. When the guy leaned back in front of me, I ended up with barely enough room to scratch my nose. A 15" laptop wouldn't have solved that problem. Has anyone out there flown internationally in a Boeing 767? We're in economy, so it might be tight, but I would like to get some work done on the flight. I'm willing to take both my MacBooks, but it would suck if I couldn't use either one. On the other hand, it'd be nice if I knew my 17" would work fine and I only had to take one. Thanks for any advice.

Update: The adventure/drama has already begun! My dad forgot his passport in Oregon and we've been on the phone with Fedex and UPS trying to get it here before our flight takes off at 11:20. Fedex was $384 for a "it should get there" delivery. UPS gave us a "guaranteed delivery" for $75 and told us it would get here by 9. Once they gave us the tracking number, they switched it to 10. Those bastards! Oh well, at least I'm on the flight - who knows about my dad. ;-)

Saturday @ 7 AM: UPS Tracking shows his passport is in Ontario, Canada (an arrival scan, no departure shown). WTF - the two hour flight from Portland to Denver wasn't short enough?!

Saturday @ 9 AM: Julie has the passport in her hands and is driving out to the airport to give it to my dad. He came with me an hour ago to check in and explain his situation. Looks like he's going to make it!

Posted in General at Apr 27 2007, 12:40:57 PM MDT 4 Comments

Seats and service on CO. The 767 is a great plane - but - the only way to have enough room is :

1. Use points or $ for first class upgrade.
2. Have an injury and request bulkhead seating.

I highly recommend the upgrade. CO is one of the last great airlines within the US.

Posted by Grego on April 27, 2007 at 01:22 PM MDT #

The main problem will probably be that you may not have enough space to tilt the screen far enough back to get a decent view. It depends a bit on how tall you are, of course. I have tried to use a 15" widescreen laptop on a plane with 32" pitch (like this one in economy), and it didn't work very well. If the guy in front of you reclines his seat... well, forget using your laptop. Also notice that there is only power on the first five rows of economy.

Posted by André Heie Vik on April 27, 2007 at 01:43 PM MDT #

Hey matt,

I can't remember which planes I've been on, but I'm tall. 6.4, but I only had a problem with an airbus on my way so san jose from amsterdam and back. I think the boeings are a bit more spacious. Even the ones I've flown to japan!

You DO know we're celebrating queensday monday, right? :D

Anyway, have fun and wear something orange!

Posted by Joris on April 28, 2007 at 03:46 AM MDT #

Aww bless. Americans and international travel... rarely a good combination. Try not to get too stoned in Amsterdam!

Posted by Neil on April 29, 2007 at 11:37 AM MDT #

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