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The Job Hunt

Now seems like the time to be unemployed. Everyone is doing it. I myself have been unemployed since the Julie went into labor on August 27th. Those were the terms of my last contract - when the baby is born I'm done. Once again, I'm glad I'm a contractor b/c this unemployed thing is a just a phase I go through a few times a year.

So far, the hunt for the next gig is going pretty well. I have a couple of leads. I've done the whole interview thing and now I'm just waiting to hear back about budgets and such. So nothing is confirmed and all opportunities could fall through. Since I'd like to start working again one week from Monday (September 27th), it's time to put my nose to the grindstone and see if I can find something soon. My usual process for this is to respond to job postings on the DJUG Jobs and RMIUG Jobs mailing lists. If that doesn't work, I'll start searching on Dice and Monster next week. I've actually gotten a few jobs off the mailing lists and one off Monster - so I know most of these avenues work. I've always found looking for and accepting a new gig quite fun. If I can finish Spring Live, AppFuse 1.6 and find a new gig all in the next 2 weeks - I'll be a very happy man. Actually, I'll be happy if I can just land a new gig.

Posted in General at Sep 16 2004, 09:31:22 PM MDT

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