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Weblog Validator

For anyone who attempts to maintain a valid XHTML site, you know that it's a fair amount of work to make sure your site is valid all the time - especially if you're linking to other sites. You learn to hate ampersands (&). To solve this problem in Roller, I think we need a validator built into the posting of new content. It'd be a sweet feature, maybe we can start with a dirty URL cleaner such as the Hivelogic URL Cleaner. Further comments on this topic can be found at Interesting tidbit from Dave:

If you are using XHTML (and you should be!) you could try to incorporate my JavaScript XML parser. You’d have to tweak it to wrap the post in a fake "root" element, but then it could tell whether or not the particular post is well-formed XML. It could not, however, tell you whether or not your post is valid (i.e. conforms to a particular DOCENGINE), but it would catch things like misplaced ampersands, unknown entities, tags that aren’t closed, etc.

Better yet, if you use IE for your posts, you could do the same thing using its built-in XML parser.

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