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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

An afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park

Today was one of those days I hope I do more often as a single parent. Ever since ski season ended, I've had a hard time entertaining the kids on weekends. I don't have them every weekend - Julie and I each get them a week at a time. However, for the past couple times I've had them, our weekends have been rather lame. We've still done stuff, but it's usually only a couple hours at a time. The last time I had them we went to Bass Pro Shops, got them some fishing gear and headed out to a local lake. However, once their lines got tangled and they started frolicking in the mud (while I tried to untangle them), I felt like my mission failed.

I don't know what was so special about today, but I think it was simply getting out of the city and into the hills. This morning we had breakfast with Julie, headed to REI for a new tent and then drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park to look at some animals and take a hike. We stopped in Estes Park for some ice cream and playground action and then headed into the park to gaze at some Elk and hike along a small creek. Evidence is contained in the pictures below and in a set on Flickr.

Nice Trail Nice day in Colorado

Jack's Special Rock Beautiful Smile

We bought the tent this morning because we were planning on camping with the Colorado Bus Club before Volkswagens On The Green (VWOTG) tomorrow. However, Abbie's cold started to get pretty bad this afternoon, so we decided to camp in the backyard instead.

New Tent Getting ready for camping

Tomorrow should be a lot of fun. The forecast is 86°F and the VWOTG show is always inspiring.

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AppFuse + DisplayTag: External Sorting and Paging Example

Chris Barham has posted an excellent example of how to do external sorting and paging to the AppFuse mailing list:

I've put together a new AppFuse project which demonstrates how to enhance the List screens. DisplayTag as provided has issues with large datasets, (it retrieves all the records every time), and sorting via column headings does not work for the entire dataset, only those on screen at the time.

I've built a project which addresses these issues, using Hibernate Criteria and extensions to DisplayTags PaginatedList interface which gets DisplayTag to hand off all requests for sorting and paging to the new implementation of PaginatedList.

The Google Code project is checked in to: feel free to check out the code and comment. (instructions here:

There are instructions regarding the steps taken on the project wiki page here:


Nice work - thanks Chris!

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