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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

Bye Bye Dream Machine

Mac Pro This evening, I'm shipping back one of my favorite machines of all time. I received a fully-loaded Mac Pro as part of my employment with LinkedIn last June. It was necessary to run the LinkedIn application locally and I thoroughly enjoyed using it for the last 6 months. With 12GB of RAM and two 23" monitors, it was a great employee perk.

When I became a contractor again, they let me take my dream machine home. I promptly plugged in my 30" monitor and I've been loving my home work environment ever since. I could have bought the machine from LinkedIn, but I discovered I can buy a brand new machine with similar specs for less than their asking price.

The good news is I'm now able to answer the question I asked a couple years ago: One 30" monitor or two 23" monitors? IMO, one 30" monitor is definitely better and two 30" monitors would be awesome.

In addition to the Mac Pro, I'll also be shipping back the 15" MacBook Pro they gave me. This leaves me with my 17" MacBook Pro and an old HP Pavilion with Windows XP. I was hoping to plug my 30" into the HP, but I discovered I don't have a DVI card that will handle it. Over the next few months, I do plan on buying a new MacBook Pro (for work) and a Mac Pro (for home). With my running commute, I need to leave one machine downtown and I like to have one at home for the kids + late night hacking.

I'm currently having a hard time deciding if I should buy a MacBook Pro now or make do with what I have and just buy a new DVI card for my Windows box. I'm leaning towards a new 15" MacBook Pro (17" is too big to travel with). If I could get one with a 256GB SSD, I'd definitely be sold.

What would you do?

Posted in Mac OS X at Jan 26 2009, 10:18:33 PM MST 19 Comments

Running to Work

A little over two weeks ago, my commuter bike was stolen. At the end of that entry, I wrote:

Rather than buying a new one, I think it's a good opportunity to take things up a notch and start running to work instead. It's 6 miles and surely doable with some practice. There's also a good chance it's the worst idea I've had in a long time.

The next day, I ran my first commute and discovered it was 5.1 miles instead of 6. It also took me just under an hour (with a 10 minute cool down at the end), indicating an average of 11 minute miles. Yeah, that's slow. Since then, I've run most of the time I've been in town. Currently, I'm only running 3 times per week because I've found back-to-back days make me ridiculously tired.

I do hope to make it up to 4-days per week and possibly even do a couple round trips. Why am I doing this? Part of me wants to get in better shape, and the other part is too stubborn to buy a new bike. Yes, I will buy a new commuter bike eventually. My current goal is to run until April 1st or until I lose 20 pounds, whichever comes first.

After the run home The downside of running is it's easily the worst part of my day. It's the part I dread the most, especially on nights like tonight. When I left the office, it was dark and 6°F (-10°F with wind chill). Amazingly, I didn't get cold thanks to good layering. My face did end up with a lot of ice on it as evidenced by the photo on the right. I know the next couple months aren't going to be easy, but I always like a good challenge.

How have you challenged yourself lately?

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