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Over 10 years ago, I wrote my first blog post. Since then, I've authored books, had kids, traveled the world, found Trish and blogged about it all.

A Fantastically Fun February at Jfokus 2020 and the Rocky Mountain JUGs

Jfokus is one of my favorite conferences in the world. It takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, during one of the coldest months of the year. As a native Montanan, I love the winter season and skiing. It was with great pleasure that I returned to Jfokus as a speaker this year, after skipping the last couple of years.

Made it to Stockholm!

True story: the last time I was at Jfokus was 2017, and Okta had just acquired Stormpath. I negotiated my Okta employment terms in the Radisson Blu lobby!

I gave three talks this year: two on the main stage during Jfokus and one at Jforum Stockholm on Tuesday evening.

The Main Stage Crowd at JForum (Stockholm JUG)

You can find my presentations below.

Jfokus also published recordings of my main-stage sessions on YouTube.

After Jfokus, the organizers planned a speaker's conference at Trysil Ski Area. There wasn't a ton of snow, but the groomers were fast, and they had a 45° double black!

Trysil Ski Resort The Jfokus 2020 Ski Team! The 45° ??

I had my GoPro and shot some footage of the fun.

The beer tasting and dinner that evening at Kveik Restaurant & Brewpub was excellent!

Friday was a gorgeous day on the slopes, and Saturday was the opposite.

I had a marvelous time at Jfokus 2020! Thanks to Mattias Karlsson and crew for a exquisite experience! 👌

Dressed up with Mattias for the Jfokus party!

For more photos see my Jfokus 2020 album

Rocky Mountain JUG Tour with Ray Tsang

I flew back to Denver on Sunday, February 9th. The next day, I woke up early for a Developer Ski Day at Eldora. Stout the Syncro was not a big supporter of the event.

Once I made it on the slopes, we had a ball with Christina, Ben, Robert, and Joel.

The inaugural crew! Ray, Christina, and Ben

On Tuesday, Ray and I prepared for our Rocky Mountain JUG Tour consisting of stops in Boulder, Denver, and Salt Lake City. I met him at a Google Boulder office and delighted in the VW decorations.

Lunch at Google in Boulder with Ray Tsang. I dig the VW Bus in the lobby!

A great quote with VW parts on the wall at Google  Boulder.

Our talk was titled Choose Your Own Adventure with JHipster and Kubernetes. We used JHipster to build and deploy whatever technologies the audience chose. We let them choose the database, the build tool, the JVM language, the web framework, and the architecture (monolith vs microservices). After we created the apps, I showed them running, and made them work with Okta. Ray took it from there and used JHipster's Kubernetes generator to add (or exclude) Istio and deploy everything to Google Cloud. When all worked on the first try at the Denver JUG, we were pretty pumped! 🙌

Stop 1: Boulder JUG Stop 2: Denver JUG Stop 3: Utah JUG

Interesting trends: we had a lot of enthusiasm for Grails in Colorado and all audiences chose microservices. You can skim through our presentation below.

On Friday, we hit the slopes for another developer ski day.

Thanks to all the fine folks who joined our ski days and came to the JUG meetups! We loved the energy and community vibe from each location. ❤️😃

Ray and I had a Rocky Mountain adventure with JHipster, and you can too! From the comfort of your own home, you can install JHipster and choose your own adventure. Good luck, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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