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Deadline Week

This is one of those weeks when I'm a freak of nature. A code monkey with a passion for getting things done. Yet there's too much to do and its all due by Friday.

Yep, this is a week with a deadline. It's been building since I started at this new gig about a month ago. We all knew it was coming, and we're somewhat prepared, but there's still a lot to do. The screwed up thing is I can't seem to think about anything else, and all I want to do is code, code, code. I don't want to eat, sleep or go to the gym. I just want to get it done: code, code, code: I'll neglect my family, friends and body to pump out a software release - because my mind is enthralled by the idea of deadlines. My body loves the excitement, the passion makes my blood boil and my brain just wants more, more, more.

The worst part of it all? It won't matter next week, or even the day after we get it all done. No one will really care. It was a deadline - we said we could do it, and that's what they expected. When we're super pumped that we got it all done, no one will care - we said we could do it. And my reward? I'll be so damned burned out (from spending so much time on the computer) that I won't even want to look at one - not even Foxxy (my new powerbook).

It's strange that I know this is happening - or that I've at least recognized it this time. I don't think it will help though. I'll have to make sure and apologize to Julie and Abbie for being such a narrow-minded prick all week.

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