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Why Intuit Sucks

Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks and Quicken, does not make good OS X software. Why? Because it can't read the Window's versions of its files. I bought Quicken so we could edit our Quicken files with our Macs, as we currently do with our PCs (data file is stored on Linux). To edit our Quicken files on the Mac, we have to export a QIF file from Quicken/Win and then import on Quicken/Mac. Good thing I wasted my money on a Windows version of Quicken and a Mac version - since I'll obviously only be able to use one.

Same goes for QuickBooks - if you want to edit your Windows-created QuickBooks file on a Mac, you must export/import. That just sucks! Intuit - have you ever heard of this company called Microsoft? They seemed to have no problems making their software read files created by either platform - maybe you should take a lesson from them.

Posted in Mac OS X at Sep 23 2003, 05:27:11 AM MDT 14 Comments

I totally agree. Plus, they only make the Deluxe version and the business version for Windows. On the Mac we are stuck with the stock low level version. One of the only reasons I even keep a windows machine around, which is really irritating.

Posted by Nicholas on September 23, 2003 at 11:28 AM MDT #

I too agree. I thought we could move all our personal machines to Mac, but no. And, what's worse, is that the export QIF file doesn't always import properly to Mac. I tried it. I explicitly followed all the directions on their site to deal with all the other completely lame limitations they place (like reduced size of account names, various brokerage account limitations, etc.), and upon import tons of stuff was just totally fucked up. Balances were totally wrong, etc. What a waste. What made it utterly worse was that I bought Quicken for the Mac when we bought our iBook, not realizing that all the Macs come with Quicken these days! So, it was a double slam. It's really too bad that I'm in so deep with Quicken. And, what's the alternative? MS Money, no thanks. Or maybe GNUCash. Uh, ya, I don't think so. Heh, doesn't GNU Cash seem like an oxymoron?

Posted by Chris on September 24, 2003 at 08:01 PM MDT #

Intuit sucks. They will disable the email function of my QuickBooks if I do not pay them another $80 - $100.

Posted by Steven on March 24, 2009 at 11:03 AM MDT #

Intuit sucks. They will disable the email function of my QuickBooks if I do not pay them another $80 - $100.

Posted by Steven on March 24, 2009 at 11:03 AM MDT #

We were running 2005 QuikBooks Pro ContractorsEd and had rapped up 2008 taxes, all we needed to do was burn the file to a disk and drop it off with our accountant, just before we were about to burn it to disk a little window popped up requesting to download updates from QB.... Well we did, and low and behold it said 2005 was no longer supported,.....But it doesn't stop there.... our 2008 data files were gone..... We called INTUIT, stayed on the phone for ever, so tech support could say we needed 2009 QB for $499 ... We asked were our files were, he said he didn't know, but with the new version they would be fine and would have our files back... the 2008 records were parsed or broken up and renamed... I tried ?system restore? to early version, undelete programs, it all pointed to the QB updated and the same time the down load of the update from QB, at that time all the saved data was renamed and broken into multiple files with random registry entries pointing to multiple files... all the short cuts even pointed to broken renamed registry entries...INTIUIT you can keep your big dumb ass company, overpaid pr*cks and cr*p headed techs, and piece of sh*t programs... But leave our f*cking DATA ON OUR COMPUTERS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do hope business like this results another failed company mainly INTUIT and all companies connected to them? Greed and control has lead some great companies and countries to where we are today?The governments protects companies that keep them stuffed too the gills with cash stolen from their clients, then the governments try to bail out those companies with $ stolen from their citizens, what a great system.. We?re the clients, the tax payers, the mules?? Go hire an accountant, it?s cheaper and easier than buying another copy of QB, also try some other great software, PEACHTREE is a good one. LET THIER SYSTEMS FAIL? Email, Post, and Don?t Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Brian Sim on August 18, 2009 at 08:53 AM MDT #

After using Quickbooks for 8 years I am now a fan of Peachtree. Peachtree won't let you accidentally post something in the wrong month/year. Peachtree's general ledger report is better because it used debit/credit, rather than pluses and minuses. Peachtree is just more professional. Quickbooks loads up their homepage with all kinds of links to products...very distracting. And when you compare the "free" version of each...Quickbooks has a 20 customer limit...Peachtree has no limit. In fact, Peachtree's free version of First Accounting is one of the best bargains in accounting, with more features than Quickbooks Simple Start (like Quickbooks, the free version does not contain payroll or inventory modules).

Posted by jscottu on December 11, 2009 at 08:41 PM MST #

I have had QB for about 6 years and now my data file is large and supposedly corrupt because of "improper shutdowns and stuff like that." To get my QB up to a reasonable speed I need to clean my data file for $1600. Gee thanks QB. What a deal. Peach tree here I come

Posted by mike on September 22, 2010 at 04:09 PM MDT #

Intuit does suck. They treat their employees like crap. If customers do not fill out surveys in the middle of tax season(lol) and send them back in it's a possibility that we lose our job. Fired today. Feels bad man. I'd recommend no one use their software. It is truely bad. Source: I work[ed] with their ProSeries software everyday for the past few years.

Posted by Anon Intuit Agent on March 30, 2011 at 01:24 PM MDT #

Quicken online support insisted that I need to purchase 2013 deluxe so that I can continue to download my 401k data, even after I explained that Express Wen Connect was no longer available from the registered institution but will be available by downloading a file and importing into QED.

Trouble is there is no way to change the setting in QED from Express Web Connect to Web Connect. This was explained to the online agent - he said buy the 2013 version. Why would I think that this very old issue was resolved in purchase after purchase up to 2013? Gullible for me to believe that Intuit is an honest company. DON'T BELIEVE IT. Their agents don't give a damn about giving HONEST information.

I tried gnucash for these transactions and they worked flawlessly! Cost? $0.0 Intuit does suck big time.

PS Their online support took so long to respond after being connected to someone in a foreign country that doesn't have the same scruples we might have here in the US. The amount of time between dialogues was probably made to frustrate the customer so they disconnect.

Posted by Frankie Lights on March 04, 2013 at 02:52 PM MST #

Wow, I hate Intuit!! I went searching for a place to tell the world how much I hate Intuit, this will have to do. I have hated intuit for over 2 years now but it has reached a point that I just can’t stand it anymore. It’s really just the company I hate not the product. I really like the product they offer, it is very robust and customize-able but with that comes it is very complicated and confusing. So, with that said, one would expect top notch customer support, BUT WAIT! This is where intuit falls off the face of the earth, “hello is anyone down there?” If there is someone down there I guarantee you they are from India and can’t really understand what you are trying to tell them. They might know the words you are speaking to them but they don’t truly understand them. This situation makes for a real nightmare for the customer on the other end of the phone who just wants to fix the issue at hand and move on. Not to mention it’s hard to understand them as well. It takes me on average 6 minutes just to navigate the stupid call prompts before I am put on hold for another 45 minutes just to reach someone who doesn’t really understand me. If you want my advise intuit, fix your customer service. Your customer service is by far, the absolute worst. What I am trying to say is, even Verizon’s terrible customer service comes no where even remotely close to being as horrendous as your customer service, it’s down right insulting!! I could really go on for days and be very specific but I am not going to waist anymore of my time. Intuit, YOU SUCK! I HATE YOU!

Posted by Seth on March 18, 2013 at 01:41 PM MDT #

QB did an update from 9:30-11:00am this morning. any reason this couldn't be done during non-business hours???

Posted by hkahnc pa on July 22, 2016 at 11:37 AM MDT #

It is hard to express just how bad Quicken and Intuit are.

I have used multiple versions of Quicken for over a decade. Every few years they basically force you to upgrade to a new version of the software which inevitably offers almost no new features but many bugs. I finally had Quicken 2013 working well enough. I could no longer download transactions automatically from my bank, some of my investment graphs showed negative balances for no reason, and the total of my current investments accounts in the Account List did not match the investment summary reports. For most software this would be completely unacceptable, but for Quicken it was a great accomplishment.

Anyways, in a blatant attempt to force me to pay for an upgrade, Intuit took away my ability to even manually download transactions from my bank accounts. To be clear, there was no change in my Quicken software or my banks, Quicken simply started warning me that I had until date <x> to upgrade or I would lose the capability. I ignored it for a while. But sure enough, they follows through on their threat.

So I paid their blackmail and now I am stuck in Quicken Hell. So many bugs. Even the account balance calendar no longer shows the correct amounts! Oh, if you click on an individual date in the calendar then THAT DATE will update with the correct balance. How did they screw that up? They didn't even add noticeable new features to it.

But the worst part is the countless hours I have spent trying to take advantage of the automatic bank transaction downloads. There are so many hidden issues with my data files and Intuit's ways of "fixing" it often seem to involve holding strange combinations of keys and clicking random buttons like you are finding a game easter egg . REALLY??? I had to fix my data files multiple times. As per Intuit's recommendation, I had to re-create several accounts. Quicken has no ability to do this; I had to create new accounts and manually copy the transactions form the old account to the new one, which takes forever because Quicken performance is horrific to even save a transaction. I ended up having to script it! In the end I forget to recreate some loan payment reminders and I actually got a an insufficient funds penalty because of it!

I FINALLY got 2 accounts to do automated downloads. Except that when I tried to set up the rest of my bank accounts for automated downloads Quicken simply stopped responding. Now I have all these "temp" accounts and none of them will still download. Even the accounts which used to work no longer do. Knowing how Quicken is complete garbage I had expected this and had kept a backup. But when I revert to the backup it actually now has similar problems! WTF?


Posted by Quicken Sucks on August 21, 2016 at 02:56 PM MDT #

After Supporting Quicken for about 15 years, Quicken cant let me access and update my files, even after going thru their laborous, inefficient, The sucking sound you hear is the business going down the tubes.

Posted by Joseph W> Leech on October 17, 2017 at 04:46 PM MDT #

March 2019 - Intuit still sucks. Buggy website, buggy software, hideous merchant services and they despise developers (worst APIs ever written, crappy documentation, obscure or nonfunctioning example code, the list goes on).

Posted by Mad Max on March 30, 2019 at 06:04 AM MDT #

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